Will Learning Google Professional Cloud Architect Benefit Your Career?

What Is GCP Cloud Architect Certification?

As per Google’s website, the recommended experience includes 3+years of industry experience, of which a year may be dedicated to designing and managing solutions using Google Cloud Platform (GCP).

The total GCP-PCA exam duration is two hours, and the exam pattern is 50 questions with multiple choice and multiple select options. Interestingly, there is no score assigned to the candidate; the result is just plain pass or fail. The exam can either be taken remotely or at one of the designated exam centers, against a registration fee of $200.

GCP Cloud Architect Responsibilities

  • We are designing and planning a cloud solution architecture that is scalable, reliable, fault-tolerant, and suited for a particular use case - financial services, IoT, Gaming, Mobile applications, and more.
  • Managing and provisioning the cloud solution infrastructure. Capturing infrastructure and configuration as a code; developing and providing repeatable and re-deployable solutions.
  • Designing for robust security limiting way to data and network using IAM, ACLs, encryption keys, and more and agreement considering GDPR, HIPAA, PCI regulations, in addition to others.
  • They are analyzing and optimizing technical and business rules by monitoring usage metrics on Stackdriver.
  • Managing implementations of cloud architecture.
  • Ensuring solution and operations reliability regarding disaster recovery and high-availability solutions.
  • One difference is that Google expects every Solutions Architect to come from a DevOps background. This may not be a problem for many people, but some would be instead thrown off by asking to debug some python code with nothing to do with GCP.

But this introduces the vital difference, which is that the GCP certification revolves around professionally making the Cloud Architect role rather than around the system itself. There is an essential value in this because it can better-represent real-world ability. However, this can also make it much harder since the scope is almost endless. Many exam questions have nothing to do with Google.

What Makes the Google Professional Cloud Architect GCP-PCA Certification Exam Difficult?

Some exams are not ducking soup to participate in and achieve success in. Being upfront, the Professional Cloud Architect IT certification exam falls under the same category. There are limited Professional Cloud Architect study materials and a lack of professional guides in the real market, offering aid to the potential candidates.

The Google cloud exam is testing to succeed in certification, which turns entirely around professionally, making the Cloud Architect role rather than around the platform itself. This adds significant value to it because doing this can better-represent real-world ability. However, this can be a substantial disadvantage to the candidates as many questions have nothing to do with Google.

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A Word of Advice for Google GCP-PCA Certification

To support the statement as mentioned earlier, below are a few tips that can do wonders for you:

  • Time and tide wait for none. You might have heard this proverb too. Time indeed is a significant factor that can either make or break your GCP-PCA exam. Therefore, it is advised that you waste your time trying as many questions as possible so that you know all of them on the first try.
  • If you feel hesitant between two questions, rely on your gut and pick the answer that you think is right. Also, you can always come back to change at the end.
  • Keep yourself calm and made throughout the exam. The reason being, a frantic mind can make mistakes that a quiet mind would easily avoid.
  • Make case studies with your close friends as they can be used to create multiple questions that are often linked together.
  • Nothing comes with a guarantee. So, do not rely too much on sample papers. There may or may not be opportunities that you get questions from previous years.
  • Above all, do not forget to change. Revision is meant for all questions and not just the ones that you have not answered yet. If the latter is what you do, then you need to make the necessary change.

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