Why Should You Get a Salesforce Certification Today?

Salesforce certification has become one of the most in-demand professional qualifications in the business world. With close to 40 certificates available under different career paths, they teach you how to get the maximum out of customer relationship management using Salesforce products.

How Does the Salesforce Certification Process Work?

If you have decided getting Salesforce certified is the right way forward for you after reading the reasons we shared, you might be wondering about the process you should follow to acquire a certification.

The Salesforce certification process is quite simple. Regardless of which certification path you are pursuing, and you have to follow a similar approach to the end goal. It all starts with the training process. In this step, you should dedicate your time to learning the material relevant to the specific certification you decide to follow.

Once you are confident with your knowledge level, you can register to take the certification exam for a cost that ranges from $200-$400. Usually, exams test your understanding with multiple-choice questions given under a set time limit. And you have to exceed a minimum score to acquire the certification.

Reasons Why You Should Get Salesforce Certified in 2022

1. Prove Your Expertise and Competency

Having a certificate is proof that you have mastered working with Salesforce products which are 100% important to land into a good firm.

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Whether it is an employer, customer, or colleague who wants to know how qualified you are for a job, getting certified is the fastest way to convince everyone that you have the skillset to get the job done. The credibility of Salesforce certification in the industry makes it much easier to shed doubts in anyone’s mind about your expertise.

2. Boost Your Confidence with Salesforce Certification

Having confidence in your skills is key to reaching your full potential as an employee, and Salesforce certification can help you with this too.

According to the latest IT certification report by Pearson VUE, 91% of the survey respondents found a growth in their confidence after getting IT certified; hence we can say it is worth knowing Salesforce Admin, Developer whatever the module you are ventured into. With Salesforce’s credibility and rigorous certification process, it can indeed grow your confidence in providing CRM solutions and satisfying customer needs.

3. Increase Your Productivity at the Job

The Salesforce certification process introduces you to the ins and outs of its products, allowing you to get the maximum out of the tools at your hand. This enables employees to be more productive and efficient by using the right tools for the right tasks.

You should not just take our word for it. The certified professionals are saying, too: 37% of Salesforce employees believe the certification has increased their productivity, while 41% think it has made them more effective.

4. Get an In-Depth Understanding of Salesforce Software

Salesforce offers a vast range of features with its CRM software. Sometimes, even the people who have worked with these products for years are not aware of their full capabilities.

But during the Salesforce certification process, you get the opportunity to learn about the full range of features Salesforce provides with a structured learning program. It gives you an in-depth understanding of each Salesforce product. Hence it is essential to learn Salesforce and get certified. And you then get to use this knowledge to improve the quality and efficiency of the services you provide.

5. Stay Updated with the Latest CRM Developments

One specialty of getting Salesforce certified is that it does not let you forget everything you learned after a while. With Salesforce, being certified is a continuous process where you have to go through tests and renew your certification every year.

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It also allows you to stay updated with the latest developments in CRM and Salesforce products. This renewing process goes hand-in-hand with Salesforce’s feature upgrade releases that happen thrice a year. It necessitates learning the newest features introduced to the platform, never letting your certification become outdated.

6. Stop Being Overwhelmed by Technology

A career in Salesforce relies on using technology to gain the best out of customer relationships. If you are coming from a non-technical background, working with advanced technical tools can overwhelm you at first. Getting certified is an excellent solution that can save you from this fate.

It provides a gradually advancing, self-paced introduction to Salesforce tools, making the process less overwhelming and easier to grasp for people with any technical background.

So, if you feel overwhelmed by the technology and do not know where to start, the Salesforce certification and training process can provide a structured, step-by-step learning framework to help you get started.

7. Open Up a World of Opportunities

Many employers and clients actively seek Salesforce-certified professionals in the industry to work with. For this reason, whether you are looking for a new job, a promotion, or new clients, getting certified can make it easier for you to win their trust and open up a world of opportunities. According to the Mason Frank survey, 64% of Salesforce employees agree with this statement.

The improved marketability the certification gives you plays a crucial role in opening up these opportunities. It allows you to present yourself as a Salesforce expert to employers and customers alike with tangible evidence. This is how worthy learning a Salesforce certification course is.

8. Earn Higher Salaries

Getting Salesforce certified does have a considerable impact on your salary, as 43% of Salesforce employees agree in the Mason Frank survey. This 43% who saw a salary increase had the chance to earn 25% more on average after acquiring their certification.

A certificate is proof of your experience and ability, and it is also a measure of seniority and the milestones you have passed in your career. All these reasons combine to drive your value in today’s job market up, opening up opportunities to earn more and enjoy more benefits at your job.

9. Build Better Relationships with Clients

With in-depth knowledge of Salesforce products and using them to find high-quality solutions, you can increase the value of the services offered to your clients. This naturally leads to strengthening your relationships with them.

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Maintaining good relationships with clients benefits you, your employers, and the clients simultaneously, proving that learning this incredible platform called Salesforce is worth spending time on it. As clients start to recognize the value of your services, it becomes easier for you to achieve more and go further in your career.

10. Stand Out Among Others

Salesforce certification lets you stand out among other CRM professionals in the job market. It vouches for your technical abilities and experience providing CRM solutions with high-quality Salesforce software. Whenever you come up against another professional with the same experience level as you but no certifications, be it a promotion opportunity, job interview, or job offer, it gives you enough edge to become the first choice ahead of your competition.


2022 is all about creating new opportunities and regaining the lost confidence of the year. Learning Salesforce will make you well-versed with one of the most dynamic CRM platforms that have helped organizations save time and money while dealing with complicated customer databases.



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