What Do You Need to Pass Cisco 300–430 ENWLSI Exam on the First Attempt?

Earning a certification is one of the proven ways for IT professionals to fast-track their careers. Cisco is one of the leading vendors of such valuable IT credentials of various levels from entry to architect to satisfy the requirements of all the applicants. There are some more levels of certifications such as associate, professional, expert, and specialist in between. In this article, we’ll talk about one of the most in-demand professional-level certifications — CCNP Enterprise and one of its concentration exams, 300–430 ENWLSI by code. Let’s begin with the exam details.

Overview of Cisco 300–430 ENWLSI Certification Exam

The Cisco certification program confirms knowledge and skills of different technological areas like automation, enterprise networking, routing and switching, and security. Most of their exams include performance-based questions to examine the applicants’ practical skills, so these certifications are excellent proof of skills. The CCNP Enterprise is meant for those IT professionals who aspire to become skilled in providing network solutions.

The CCNP Enterprise 300–430 ENWLSI exam confirms an applicant’s knowledge of implementation and troubleshooting of Cisco enterprise advanced routing and services. To receive it, you need to pass the core exam 300–401 and one out of the six concentration tests. Exam 300–430 exam is one of six concentration exams. So, let’s explore the details of the Cisco 300–420 ENWLSI (Implementing Cisco Enterprise Wireless Networks) exam, which is also required to earn the Cisco Enterprise Wireless Implementation Specialist certification.

Introduction to Cisco 300–430 ENWLSI Exam

Cisco 300–430 ENWLSI Exam Details

Cisco 300–430 ENWLSI exam comprises 55–65 questions that need to be completed in 90 minutes. The exam evaluates the applicant’s skills in working with advanced location services, multicast, wireless networks involving QoS, security for customer’s connectivity, and device hardening. The core topics included are:

1. Flexconnect (15%)

2. QoS on wireless connections(10%)

3. Multicast (10%)

4. Location-based services (10%)

5. Advanced location-based services (10%)

6. Securing wireless customer’s connectivity (20%)

7. Monitoring (15%)

8. Device hardening procedures (10%)

Study Resources to Make Cisco 300–430 ENWLSI Exam Preparation Journey Smooth

Cisco provides a kind of study materials for their exams to assure that applicants have the best help throughout the preparation. However, there are many other useful study resources. In general, the study resources includes the following but is not bound to:

  • Official Training Course — Cisco provides training courses either in the in-classroom form or virtual training for both individuals and teams. Additionally, there is an option for a self-paced online training course. All these training last for five days and also include lab sessions.
  • Study guides and books that can be purchased from CiscoPress.com, Amazon, etc.
  • Practice tests are the most powerful resource for exam preparation. Cisco 300–420 practice test will help you gauge your preparation level.
  • Online communities where exam takers and experienced professionals can discuss and share study materials and tips for the exam. You can find out such communities on Cisco’s learning network section.
  • Exam preparation videos and webinars are prepared by exam Cisco certified experts and can be received from YouTube.
  • Study groups formed by students where complex topics are discussed among peers making them less challenging.

How can Cisco 300–430 ENWLSI Practice Test Boost Your Preparation?

When talking about Cisco practice tests, the first question is where to get trusted ones because authenticity is the important feature of such resources. You can find authentic practice tests for Cisco 300–430 ENWLSI exam at the NWExam website. They provide free sample questions so that you can be assured of their authenticity.

Answering all the offered practice questions and working on the weak areas will make you ready for the exam.

Practice tests on NWExam.com are arranged to give applicants a vibe of an actual exam. Being placed in the same situation before the actual exam will inculcate some self-analytical skills and confidence in the applicants.

Benefits of Earning Cisco Certification

You may think that all this hard work is worth it. The answer is yes because achieving a Cisco certification fetches many benefits such as:

Improved Work Performance

To get a certification, they have to verify skills and knowledge of definite concepts needed at the workplace. Since the Cisco CCNP Enterprise Certification ensures regular updates to stay up-to-date with working requirements, earning a Cisco certification validates that one has the essential competencies to perform in their job position skillfully.

Enhanced Career Growth Opportunities

There has been a reported increase in salary for IT professionals upon earning a certification. In addition to this, certified professionals are frequently entrusted with supervising and mentoring their colleagues, encouraging them for a promotion.

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Becoming a Part of the Professional Community

With Cisco certification, you’ll have accession to educational and training conferences, mentorship programs, databases, and networking opportunities such as Cisco Networking Academy, in which IT professionals can obtain resources to advance their careers.


Passing Cisco 300–430 ENWLSI exam comes with many benefits, and applicants seeking this certification can now achieve it quickly at the first try with the help of reliable and up-to-date materials like training and practice tests. Practice questions and answers from NWExam.com allow applicants to pass this exam easily. Now is the ideal time for you to earn this extremely sought-after certification. Good luck!

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