Upgrade Your Skills with the AWS Big Data Specialty Certification


While most cloud computing professionals are informed of the Foundational, Associate, and Professional AWS Certifications, it is worth considering that AWS also offers Specialty certifications. Anyone seeking a career that includes data analysis, data lakes, and data warehouse solutions is a trustworthy candidate to get the AWS Certified Big Data - Specialty certification.

The AWS Certified Big Data - Specialty certification is an excellent option to help grow your career. AWS Certification shows considered employers that you have the technical skills and expertise needed to perform multiple data analyses using core AWS Big Data services like Amazon EMR, Amazon Redshift, Amazon QuickSight, and more. This certification certifies your understanding of data collection, storage, processing, analysis, visualization, and security.

Who Is This BDS-C00 Certification For?

This BDS-C00 certification is designed and approved for engineers who already have experience performing big data platforms in AWS for analytics and processing and understand the wide range of services. Candidates are expected to learn and apply best practices and tools in each context.

This BDS-C00 certification is suggested if you are a data engineer with experience executing machine learning or big data projects with AWS and understand the concepts behind HDFS, Spark, Hadoop, etc.

What Is This BDS-C00 Certification For?

This certification is useful for many purposes, including:

  • Demonstrating your experience applying AWS technologies in determining problems in analytics and big data projects.
  • Increasing your knowledge of general topics of these technologies.
  • Understanding the path that the industry will develop in the coming years and how to adjust your career.
  • Increasing your perception in the industry in search of new job opportunities due to the high need for professionals in this field.

An AWS Career Is a Gold Mine

So you need to do your AWS certification! Not only is it the most valuable certification available right now (money-wise), it also has excellent career chances abroad.

The starting salary for an AWS Big Data Speciality Certified Professional is USD 160,000 a year. With experience and sound show, in three years, if you work hard and give rockstar potential, you are looking at an annual salary of 250,000+ USD!

AWS Big Data Specialty Certification and Its Benefits

Now, let us reflect on the AWS Certified Big Data - Specialty certification before considering the advantages. The AWS Big Data Specialty certification confirms the technical skills and expertise in the design and implementation of AWS services.

The accreditation would deal specifically with getting value from data and is ideal for individuals performing complicated big data analysis.

The BDS-C00 certification tests the following abilities of candidates:

  • Performing core AWS big data services as per the basic architecture best practices. Designing and support of big data.
  • Making the most of devices for automation of data analysis.
  • So, the AWS Big Data Specialty certification proves that an individual can work professionally as a data scientist.
  • The certificate also indicates an individual’s eligibility to work with AWS solutions and Big data requirements in data science.
  • Now, we can move towards the five advantages of AWS Big Data Specialty certification.

1. A Promising Strategy for Skill Development

The first positive features of AWS Big data specialty certification is access to a broader ecosystem. AWS provides more tools and products than other Cloud IaaS services. The various tools and solutions for all stages of big data handling in AWS offer better chances for your career. AWS big data specialist certificate allows high compliance for you to take a specific career path.

You can search for AI or your interests in High-Performance serverless computing with AWS Lambda. Furthermore, you could also attempt a career in storage systems with AWS S3. The future opportunities offered by the Big Data Specialty certification can be indeed beneficial, would not they?

2. Cost-Effectiveness

The choice of AWS Big Data Specialty certification is useful in terms of pricing also. Candidates can find this certification as the most cost-effective one. AWS has been giving certification registrations at the lowest price in the market.

Furthermore, candidates could also list for a one-year free trial of AWS services. Also, the training materials and support of AWS for certification are relatively less expensive than other offerings. Candidates could gain practical experience in using AWS services such as DynamoDB, AWS Glue, AWS Lambda, Amazon S3, and others.

3. Career Progression

The final mention among the benefits of AWS Big Data Specialty certification is the way to promising job roles. Most of the jobs in the cloud computing landscape demand AWS skills.

Moreover, you can find almost 350,000 new demands in many AWS jobs in 2019. As a result, candidates can reach new milestones in their careers with better job roles. Therefore, specialty certification can act as a dangerous driver of career development.

4. Raise Your Appeal to Employers

Another notable mention with the pros of big data specialty certification of AWS is the worldwide demand. IT professionals with extensive knowledge of big data and AWS solutions can find promising employment opportunities worldwide.

Most famous of all, the tag of AWS certified professional adds better value to your resume. Therefore, significant companies would like to have an AWS certified professional rather than an uncertified individual in their team.

5. The Substantial Rise in Salary

AWS certified big data salary is another significant benefit of Big Data Specialty certification. Uncertified data scientists in the US could make an average salary of $100,000 per year.

However, adding the credential of AWS can assist in increasing the number. General surveys indicate that the starting point of AWS Certified Big Data salary is USD 160,000 per year.

However, you can also have lots of earning as much as $250,000 per year on average with a different experience. Most importantly, you can improve your average annual salary estimate by specializing in other AWS skills.

Final Words

AWS Big Data Specialty Certification, being a specialty exam, is quite challenging. It requires knowledge of a vast number of big data services provided on AWS. I strongly recommend getting hands-on experience with the core big data services such as EMR, S3, Kinesis, Redshift, DynamoDB, Quicksight.

If you follow the preparation guide and are familiar with all the topics listed, you should be an excellent place to take the exam. I am obliged to add a disclaimer that I do not guarantee successful completion of the certification by following this guide. Each person is different, and you would have to improvise this guide to fit your requirements.

Good luck with your BDS-C00 certification journey…!!



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