Top 10 Tips to Pass Cisco 300–420 ENSLD Exam Using Practice Test

Do you intend to take the Cisco 300–420 ENSLD exam to earn the coveted CCNP Enterprise certification? If yes, you have clicked at the right place.

Cisco 300–420 ENSLD exam will gauge your knowledge on such domains as security and network services, SDA, and WAN. And to answer all of the questions in the exam, you’ll be given only 90 minutes. Little time, right?

If you cannot finish the exam within the given time, you’ll be condemning yourself if you don’t begin a Cisco 300–420 exam prep now! You can smoothly pass your exam and take your IT career at a top-level with the right preparations. The below-mentioned ten tips can help you prepare for and crack your CCNP Enterprise 300–420 ENSLD exam and teach you how to deal with stress to get a flying score in it. So, why wait? Let’s start!

Top 10 Tips for Cisco 300–420 ENSLD Exam Preparation

1. Set Aside Ample Time to Study for Cisco 300–420 ENSLD Exam

This is needless to say: You should not wait until the last day to start preparing to study for your Cisco 300–420 exam. Although some applicants do well reading for exams at the last moment, it’s not the right preparation method for Cisco exams. Make a study schedule to help with time management. Take enough practice tests you expect to do on the timeline and the definite dates for each exam. Systematize your study early before your scheduled exam date. Whereas some exams need more time for preparation, others take less time. Make sure you give the Cisco 300–420 exam sufficient time to prepare for it.

2. Set Up Your Study Place

Get adequate space on your study table to put up all your study resources. Make sure there are ample light and air. Avoid all distractions, comprising computer games, so that you can concentrate on your studies. The surroundings should make you feel well-to-study. Whereas some people like background music, others need complete silence to focus on their studies. Do you learn best in a disorganized or tidy, coordinated environment? Arrange your study place and atmosphere to suit your unique requirements for 300–420 ENSLD exam preparations.

3. Take Advantage of Visuals

Visuals like flow charts and diagrams can help in your Cisco 300–420 exam preparation. Note down everything you understand about a precise topic you’re learning about and point out present gaps. Summarize your notes into straightforward diagrams as the exam date arrives. The brief ideas in visual form make it easy to soak up everything you learned and answer relevant questions in the actual exam.

4. Perform Cisco 300–420 ENSLD Practice Test

Take Cisco 300–420 practice test to thoroughly get ready for your exam. By taking practice tests, you will become familiar with the question types and exam structure. You will also enhance your time management skills which will help you complete the exam in a given time. Performing Cisco 300–420 practice tests will help you to identify what topics you know and what areas you ought to focus on.

5. Explain Learned Cisco 300–420 ENSLD Topics to Others

Make a group of friends or people involved in studying for CCNP Enterprise 300–420 at the same time. Different people in the group are competent in answering different questions. Group discussions are among the most powerful ways to concentrate on a topic of study for a fixed amount of time. It’s a powerful way to contest yourself to study better and perform excellently.

6. Explain Your Answers to People Around You

People don’t have to bother you when studying for your Cisco 300–420 exam. Take advantage of your family and friends to explain your gained knowledge to them. In the procedure, you’ll learn networking concepts in a better way and point out areas that require more learning.

7. Take Frequent Breaks

Studying for long hours at one stretch isn’t beneficial. According to different studies, taking frequent breaks can help promote long-term knowledge retaining. Take time to go out and relish some sunlight without any guilt rather than studying for your 300–420 continuously. What’s more, vitamin D from the sun early in the morning is good for your brain’s well-being.

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8. Eat Healthy Meals

The type of food you eat can directly affect your brain’s energy and concentration levels, explaining the requirement to eat healthy meals. Stay away from junk food. Wholesome foods rich in minerals and vitamins are good for your body and mind for better concentration. On the day of the 300–420 ENSLD exam, begin your day with a healthy meal to retain your body energized throughout the exam period. Eat the foods that release energy slowly to keep you energetic for longer.

9. Plan for the Exam Day

The exam day is your execution day. Plan it correspondingly. Make things ready for your Cisco 300–420 exam. Know the Cisco 300–420 exam requirements and rules. Visit the Cisco official Cisco 300–420 webpage to find out.

10. Keep Your Body Hydrated

Drinking lots of water every day can keep you hydrated, and your brain needs sufficient water to perform gloriously. Keep a water bottle with you to sip slowly as you prepare for your Cisco 300–420 exam.


Do you want to be appreciated by your peers and relish a high salary? Then, after passing a core 350–401 ENCOR exam for the CCNP Enterprise certification, opt for the concentration exam 300–420 ENSLD. However, it can be difficult but eventually worthwhile. Follow the tips from the article to perform well in the exam, and remember that using Cisco 300–420 practice test from, you can easily pass your exam.



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