Top 10 Best CISA Certification Exam Tips for Studying

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As the world of IS auditing is bursting, the need for IS auditors and security professionals has risen tremendously. With this development in the field, the demand for CISA certified professionals has increased, encouraging many security professionals to opt for the ISACA CISA certification exam.

The need for CISA certification holders has witnessed immense growth in the last couple of years. Most of the central banks and financial institutes worldwide have begun hiring CISA certified professionals for effective security evaluations.

How Can CISA Certification Benefit your Career?

Certified Information Systems Auditor is a professional audit certification administered by the ISACA. CISA is a challenging exam that needs focus and dedication on the applicants’ part to qualify for the CISA exam.

Here are the Top Tips to Pass the CISA Certification Exam.

1. Study the CRM Religiously

ISACA gives the CISA Review Manual (CRM) that works as the handbook for the CISA exam. It is a complete reference guide created to guide applicants for the CISA exam, giving them all the details concerning the CISA exam and outlining the roles and responsibilities of an information systems auditor. This guide helps as the best self-study guide for CISA candidates. Professionals should preferably study CRM more than twice to toughen their grasp as an IS auditor.

2. Practice CISA Review Questions and Answers

ISACA also offers CISA review questions and answers along with the manual for thorough practice and self-study. Applicants can take up the CISA sample questions and answers to perceive complex concepts and areas and enhance their CISA exam prep towards earning a CISA certification. These review questions and answers are intended to give an overview of the CISA exam. Also, ISACA periodically updates the manual and sample questions to be in line with the ever-evolving auditing world.

3. Explore the CISA CDs

CISA applicants can also take CISA CDs from ISACA and develop their insights on the subject areas. For more comprehensive preparation, applicants can gain previous years’ CISA CDs and utilize the mock-up exam generator provided with the CDs. The best way is to perceive the reasoning behind the answers and not just mug up the answers.

4. Read CISA Certification Bogs and Articles

Besides the CRM and CISA CDs, applicants should also go through other CISA blogs and articles to get better insights on CISA exam prep. One can also read through the CISA journal available on the ISACA website.

5. Practical IS Audit Experience

To qualify in a professional certification program like CISA, it is essential to gain experience in the practical field. IT audit is the same as other audit types but with different scope. A professional should understand business process understanding, audit scope definition, audit planning, and reporting in terms of the actual industry.

6. Manage Study Hours Being a Professional

it can be difficult for candidates to manage study hours for CISA exam prep accordingly. However, working study hours as per subject areas is vital to gain success in the CISA exam. One can dedicate 1–2 hours regularly to enhance their CISA exam prep towards the success pillar.

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7. Adopt the Changes

One of the best working tips here can be to unlearn what you have learned. The actual industry world keeps changing every moment, and so do the IS auditing principles and techniques. The best aspect of writing the CISA exam is maintaining neutrality. Therefore, following the CISA review manual religiously is helpful because it keeps emerging with current updates from time to time.

8. Division of Time

Many professionals complain that they do not get enough time to complete the exam. This is the result of a lack of division of time. By reviewing the previous year’s question papers and mock-test questions, you should divide the time between question and subject areas. This will help you while studying and work as the most vital help in the CISA exam. Along with the official mock test, applicants can perform the CISA practice test from other websites.

9. Join CISA Certification Groups, and Forum

Participants can join CISA groups and forums to interact with other CISA aspirants and past CISA participants. There are various discussion forums on CISA certification. Such articles can equip you with theoretical and practical knowledge on IS auditing and thus help boost CISA exam prep towards attaining the certification.

10. CISA Certification Training Courses

Many authorized organizations offer CISA certification training courses. Participants can enroll in such training courses to enhance their knowledge of IS auditing.

These are the best tips to pass the CISA exam. Explore more and move ahead in your IS auditing career with a reputed and globally recognized CISA certification.



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