Simple Guidelines for Preparing VMware VCP7-DTM 2020 (2V0-51.19) Certification Exam

Description for VMware VCP7-DTM (2V0-51.19) Certification

VMware Desktop and Mobility certifications are intended to assess your level of skill designing, installing, and managing a VMware Horizon with View environment used on a VMware vSphere implementation. The VCP-DTM 2020 certification validates a candidate’s skills in performing in-depth configuration and management of VMware Horizon 7.5 settings.

This industry-leading certification demonstrates that VCP-DTM 2020 earners can securely deliver personalized virtual desktops, applications, and online services to end-users.

Desktop and Mobility solutions are updated continuously. Having a year as its certification version allows VMware to prepare the exam and training content better, and more importantly, provides certification candidates to communicate how current their skills are regarding other certifications.

VMware VCP7-DTM (2V0-51.19) Certification Exam Details

  • Full Name: VMware Certified Professional 7 - Desktop and Mobility 2020 (VCP7-DTM 2020)
  • Code: 2V0-51.19
  • Exam Fees: USD 250

The 2V0-51.19 exam consists of 65 questions, and if you are native English, you get 120 minutes. For not native English, get 105 minutes. The passing score is 300 out of 500.

VMware VCP7-DTM Syllabus

  • Install and Configure Horizon Server Components
  • Create and Configure Pools
  • Configure and Manage Identity Manager
  • Configure and Manage User Environment Manager
  • Configure and Manage App Volumes
  • Configure vRealize Operations for Horizon

Simple Tips for Preparing VMware VCP7-DTM 2020 (2V0-51.19) Certification Exam

1) Be Prepared

Assemble your resources like paper, notes, and water bottles. Do not worry if you cannot find your favorite pen. At some point, you make a choice and move on, either you know it, you ask between answers, or you do not recognize the answer.

2) Take Practice Exam

The best way to pass VCP7-DTM 2020 (2V0-51.19) exam is taking VMExam 2V0-51.19 online practice exam. With the latest 2V0-51.19 questions, you will get very much developed and clear your 2V0-51.19 VMware Certified Professional 7 - Desktop and Mobility Exam effortlessly. is a leading platform of Certifications that provides substantial VMware 2V0-51.19 PDF addresses and checked answers that will you pass VMware Certified Professional 7- Desktop and Mobility exam in an alone attempt. They always try that each 2V0-51.19 exam question and answer is accurate. That is why VMware VCP7-DTM 2020 exam questions are being valid with the latest questions and answers for passing.

3) Find a Proper Place to Work

Your desk, the library, a café, the kitchen table, but wherever works for you and be able to stay there. Stay away from your bed, however, as it will increase the possibility of accidental napping.

4) Get Rid of Fun Distractions

Do what you have to make yourself think. Put your phone in another room. Turn off the Wi-Fi. Work on paper. If you need to fact check something online, begin a list to look up later.

5) Make a Plan

You have not got time to cover everything, so pick a few areas to improve and tick them off a list. You would not get 100%, but it is better than only knowing one fact about every topic. It is better to understand a small amount well rather than nothing.

6) Time Management

You have broken your work up, now do the same with your time. Try to work in 25-minute blocks, with a five-minute break at the end. If you know, there is a topic you find challenging to allow yourself more time to go over it.

7) Study Break Time

Provide yourself a whole three minutes to scroll for Instagram and Snapchat. When those minutes are up, force yourself to get back to it.

8) Snacks and Food

Your brain requires food to live and learn! If you are staying up all night, have something substantial and quick: cheese on toast, baked beans, Pot Noodle. Sip on some water while working to keep hydrated. If you start feeling nervous from all those espressos, STOP DRINKING THEM. Attempt to eat something proper just before the 2V0-51.19 exam.

9) Speak to another Person

Even if it is just your mum. Do not begin feeling like the walls are closing in around you. A quick phone call will suggest that there are life outside exams and that soon you will be back in the world of the living.

10) Sleep

Take sufficient sleep. At least you should sleep for 8 hours. You will make much, much better the next day, if your brain has had a chance to rest and process the information you have thrown at it.

11) Do Not Panic

The most important thing to remember. It might be the most crucial exam of your life, but you would not get anything done if you start running around like a headless chicken.


You can pass the VMware Certified Professional 7 -Desktop and Mobility 2020 (VCP7-DTM 2020) certification exam on the first try now as has made the work easy with the latest practice questions. Soon, you can attempt the Prometric or Pearson VUE real exam and be sure of your success. These study assistant and practice quiz questions will aid you to recognize where you need to put more effort so, and you can achieve your goals.



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