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A Google Professional Collaboration Engineer GCP-PCE transforms business objectives into tangible configurations, policies, and security practices related to users, content, and integrations. Collaboration Engineers leverage their perception of their organization’s mail routing and identity management infrastructure to enable effective and secure communication and data access. Operating with an engineering and solutions mindset, they use tools, programming languages, and APIs to automate workflows. They look for opportunities to educate end-users and increase operational efficiency while advocating for G Suite and the Google toolset.

Target Audience

As the name suggests, this GCP-PCE certification has “collaboration” written all over it, specifically Google Cloud collaboration and productivity offerings and features. Since it is a professional-level certification, the required exam covers many security topics and technologies.

Google recommends you have three or more years of industry experience, including one or more years creating and managing solutions using Google Cloud. Having a solid collaboration background is a complete must to comprehend and understand these topics fully.

GCP-PCE: Ability to Perform the Tasks

During the Professional Collaboration Engineer exam, the candidate is assessed based on their ability to perform the following tasks:

  • Planning and implementation of G Suite authorization and access.
  • Managing user, resource, and Team Drive lifecycles.
  • Managing mail.
  • Monitoring organizational operations
  • Promoting G Suite adoption and collaboration
  • Control and configuration of G Suite services.
  • Configuration and management of endpoint access.
  • Design and management of content access.

How to Prepare for the Google GCP-PCE Certification Exam?

There are chances that even the candidates might come across a few hurdles when preparing for the Google Cloud Professional Collaboration Engineer certification exam. Here are a few crucial tips that can aid you to prepare for your GCP-PCE certification without any setbacks:

  • The Google Certified Collaboration Engineer study guide is the core of everything. The guide covers all topics concerned with the Google Collaboration Engineer certification exam. Refer to the study guide first if you come across any hurdle.
  • Prepare a schedule and stick to it. Prepare a calendar where you have ample time to study the various topics and revise them before the GCP-PCE exam.
  • Choose an exam center that is available for you to commute to. Have your identity verification documents ready so that you need not waste time on the exam date.
  • Do not waste your time for too long on a particular question. Focus on the next question. You can revisit the unsolved questions once you have attempted the rest.
  • Never compromise your health for the exam. It will result in both mental and physical stress, eventually leading to an unfocused mind. Follow a healthy diet and get the right amount of rest during your preparations. A calm attitude will help you take the exam with a clear and focussed mind.
  • Knowledge has no bounds, and that is why you should consider joining GCP community forums. Interacting with other like-minded individuals can improve your learning curve during the preparation period. In addition, these forums include several SMEs who can provide valuable insights on how you can ace your GCP-PCE certification exam with ease.
[new] 5 Tips to Prepare for the Google Professional Collaboration Engineer (GCP-PCE) Exam

Why Should You Take the Google Professional Collaboration Engineer Certification Exam?

  • Being a Google Certified Professional means that your prospective employer could be sure of your ability to fill in the shoes of a particular job role.
  • You are globally recognized when you have a GCP-PCE certification. In addition, you also have access to many forums and communities around the world.
  • Being GCP certified implies that you are pretty aware of the recent developments in the various Google Cloud technologies, products, and services. Similarly, your understanding of G Suite services is validated when it comes to Professional Collaboration Engineer certification.
  • Most recruiters look forward to hiring candidates with GCP certification, primarily As Professional Collaboration Engineers, for various cloud-based IT jobs. It represents the candidates’ dedication to professional development through constant learning.

What Are the Expanded Career Options After a Google GCP-PCE Certificate?

A certification aids your reliability and credibility in your professional space and opens up the door to opportunities you previously did not access. Google GCP-PCE certification also does the same. They leverage your credibility as a professional in every respect. You can aim for IT-related roles such as IT systems administrator, cloud solutions engineer, enterprise collaboration engineer, systems engineer, and data specialist.

In addition to this, you can also become a mentor to other Google GCP-PCE certification aspirants and lead the way with your practical and theoretical knowledge.

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Final Words

Any certification establishes the fact that your skills are up-to-date and certified. Google Cloud Platform - Professional Collaboration Engineer certification also does the same and opens up new career avenues for you and accelerates your career graph. Taking up this GCP-PCE certification will deepen your knowledge about various Google Cloud platform concepts.



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