Redeeming Benefits of the AWS Certification

If you were to ask about AWS certification’s status back when it launched in 2013, most people would give you a conservative forecast about its popularity nowadays. In just a few years, AWS certifications have garnered significant support and demand. The support and need are indicated by the high number of testing centers worldwide and the multiple languages that offer an AWS certification exam.

Today, the growth and support are foretold to continue for the foreseeable future. More and more enterprises and SMBs continue to adopt cloud computing and the public cloud as a core part of their technology stack. Most professionals and organizations see AWS as a thought leader and a point of reference in the cloud computing space because they are the most mature and reliable provider.

A further indication of the importance of AWS is what employers are willing to pay AWS professionals. Within a comparatively short time, AWS certifications have managed to command top salaries compared to other IT skills.

Benefits of AWS Certification

Understanding how big AWS is and which certification it is offering, let’s look at some benefits of AWS certification, which you could acquire as an AWS certified professional.

1. Cloud Is the Future

Like clouds are everywhere in the sky; likewise, cloud computing is in every office these days. There is nothing in the technology world that cannot be done on the cloud. AWS offers everything from receiving a small website to managing a full-fledged data center as a cloud giant.

2. Need for Skilled AWS Expert

With the rise in cloud computing, there will be more demand for skilled professionals working on AWS. Moreover, companies that are implementing AWS solutions are in thousands. With such massive growth, there will be a shortage of experienced cloud architects, engineers, and developers to handle enormous work. Having AWS certification will be a brand for your readiness to accept complex challenges compared to AWS.

3. An AWS Certification Good Thing for Resume

An AWS certification at your resume will be your first positive impression on your employer to whom you are Appling for the job. Though it may not secure a job, it will help your resume cross many barriers until it gives the interview table. Since almost all companies providing AWS solutions require certified AWS architects, developers, and system admin for various posts, AWS certification is vital for AWS positions.

4. More Opportunities

As more and more business is shifting towards the cloud, there will be more job opportunities for AWS professionals. Employers apart from experience also demand certification from candidates. If you are looking for a job in a company working on AWS projects, there is a slim chance of getting that job if you do not have the necessary AWS certification.

5. A+ for Freelancer

Freelancers equipped with AWS certification can get more online projects as AWS certification can satisfy their client’s biggest fear of whether a freelancer is capable enough of working on AWS technology.

AWS provides you with digital badges, and these digital badges remain valid as long as your certification is valid. These badges are compliant with the open badges standard. You can post them on your social media accounts and also use them as a signature. This will aid you in marketing yourself online to people who are looking for online resources.

6. Advantages for Employer

Companies with having AWS certified professionals can become a member of AWS Partner Network (APN), which offer various advantages like a concession on training, AWS usage support and many more. APN is a sort of certification for a company, and companies having this can get clients’ confidence in getting AWS projects.

Companies working on AWS-related projects need AWS-certified professionals as that is the best method available to judge someone’s ability to handle complex industry-related cloud problems.


These are just a few advantages that you can get if you are AWS certified; AWS is a completely fledged industry in itself, and where it will stop is unknown.

AWS certification is no doubt worth spending your money and time. There are many benefits both as an individual and as an employee you can obtain from these certifications. Being certified describes that you have invested time and money into AWS and determines your importance towards this technology. Ignoring this excellent industry will make you very much irrelevant in today’s dynamically moving world.



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