Preparation Guide for the Cisco Customer Success Manager 820–605 CSM Exam

Individuals aspiring to earn Cisco Customer Success Manager certification are needed to pass the Cisco 820–605 CSM exam. Passing this Cisco exam gives you the conviction and ability to effectively satisfy the Customer Success Manager (CSM) job, supporting your clients acknowledge an incentive from their answers, and achieve their business outcomes.

Cisco 820–605 CSM Exam Details

  • Exam Name: Cisco Customer Success Manager
  • Exam Code: 820–605 CSM
  • Number of Questions: 55–65
  • Time Duration: 120 mins
  • Exam Cost: USD 250
  • Exam Language: English
  • Cisco 820–605 CSM Exam Syllabus: Click Here.

Learning Guide to Prepare for Cisco Customer Success Manager 820–605 CSM Exam

Cisco 820–605 exam requires proper learning and planning. The exam structure, syllabus topics, and difficulty level of the exam can be accompanied by intense scheduled preparation. Here are the steps for exam preparation that you need to follow to pass the 820–605 CSM exam on the first attempt:

Obtain Quality Study Materials

Diverse study materials are available for exam-takers to understand exam topics in-depth. Choosing appropriate learning materials is quite crucial to give you a precise understanding of the topics covered in the Cisco 820–605 CSM exam. It would be best if you looked for resources that help you master the fundamentals and core concepts of the Cisco CSM exam.

Cisco 820–605 CSM: Best Certification for an Aspiring Customer Success Manager

Enroll in the Official Training Courses

The subsequent step of preparation is to enroll in the learning path courses offered by Cisco. This learning path aims to help applicants cover all the essential topics and areas of interest to pass the certification examination on the first try.

Cisco offers two options for 820–605 CSM exam preparation:

Classroom training course


E-learning self-paced course

Write Notes

The easiest way to study for any of the tough certification exams is to write notes throughout the exam preparations. Writing notes is relatively simple but requires a lot of patience and time. Remember that writing notes for your Cisco Customer Success Manager certification exam is worth every second spent, as you would be noting down all the core concepts and points to recall for straightforward revision.

Appear for Cisco 820–605 CSM Practice Test

Attempting the Cisco 820–605 CSM practice test will give you a clear perception of how the exam question is asked and acquaint you with the exam structure. It will also help you know your preparedness; relying on that, you can work on weak areas.

Become a Part of an Online Community

To pass the Cisco Customer Success Manager 820–605 CSM exam, the exam-takers need to get and exchange knowledge. So, you should join some online communities where you can discuss the concepts with individuals with the same objective. This will lead the candidate throughout their preparation.

Register for the Cisco 820–605 CSM Exam

When you have started your Cisco CSM exam preparation and are confident to ace the examination, go ahead and schedule the exam. You will be requested to log in to the PEARSON VUE account, to move further with the registration process. If you haven’t made an account, you need to sign-up and help yourself by concluding the procedure.

Salary of Cisco Customer Success Manager

Cisco Customer Success Manager salaries continue to rise as the industry grows and organizations prioritize the expertise and responsibilities of these Customer Success Managers. Currently, CS professional salary structures have inclined to count on revenue-generating means, which will resume in the coming years. The Cisco Customer Success Managers are also becoming more trustworthy in accomplishing their sales targets. 78% of respondents in a CS survey convey the team is accountable for achieving these objectives, and this is a growth of 34% from 2020. The CS team is responsible for developing revenue that affects business revenue and enhances product liability, including introducing features to decrease churn and boost renewals. As an outcome, salary structures have slanted towards bonuses and other incentives like stocks and equity options over the past few years.

Ready to Prepare for Cisco 820–605 CSM Exam?

So, now you can move forward and begin preparation for the Cisco 820–605 CSM certification exam. As you can notice, the salary of the Cisco Customer Success Manager is attractive. But, the challenges of preparing for the exam are also formidable. Therefore, applicants must follow all the best techniques to prepare effectively for this exam.



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