Not Just a Dream: Passing the Fortinet NSE 4 Exam

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The Fortinet Network Security Expert (NSE) certification program is an eight-level training and certification program that is aimed to equip involved technical professionals with separate proof of their network security skills and experience. NSE 4 recognizes your skill to install, configure, and manage the everyday configuration, monitoring, and operation of a FortiGate device to promote explicit corporate network security policies.

The Fortinet NSE 4 certification confirms your understanding of installing and managing devices for everyday operation. This Fortinet certification track emphasizes comprehensive cybersecurity understanding. The NSE 4 is the first certification in the Fortinet certification track to delve deeper into FortiGate device configuration. Fortinet NSE 4 certification equips you with the specialized knowledge essential to manage and configure FortiGate devices.

Information of Fortinet NSE 4 Exams

Fortinet NSE 4 — FortiOS 7.0

  • Exam series: NSE4_FGT-7.0
  • Number of questions: 60
  • Exam time: 105 minutes
  • Language: English and Japanese
  • Product version: FortiOS 7.0

Fortinet NSE 4 — FortiOS 7.2

  • Exam series: NSE4_FGT-7.2
  • Number of Questions: 60
  • Exam Time: 105 minutes
  • Language: English and Japanese
  • Product version: FortiOS 7.2

Is Fortinet NSE 4 Certification Worth It?

Organizations are usually likely to hire certified applicants for professional positions like configuration, implementation, and maintenance of FortiGate systems. Suppose you are seriously involved in network security and are fascinated about being a security expert. In that case, Fortinet certification is received because it validates the right to utilize FortiGate to complement a particular cybersecurity agenda. If you’d like to be a network or security expert, Fortinet certification is the best way to boost your career.

Those involved in growing their skill and experience in configuring and managing firewall systems should assuredly be given this certification. Applicants who plan to develop a career in the security system of a business network must be qualified. The Fortinet NSE 4 certification makes them stand out from others, apart from offering competencies and skills. Organizations are prone to employ Fortinet certified professionals with very higher salaries with many perks.

How to Pass Fortinet NSE 4 Exam At First Attempt

1. Know the Fortinet NSE 4 Exam Structure

Get complete information on the examination framework at the beginning of your preparation. Visit the official website of the Fortinet examination to get details on syllabus topics of this Fortinet exam, the registration process, and the policy for this examination. Fortinet NSE 4 syllabus topics can help you in shaping your primary method. Knowledge of question patterns, the total amount of questions, and the amount of time made available is also vital; then, at the start of your preparation, you must receive that data. All the information you require will help you enforce an efficient preparation system.

Study Guide: How To Pass Fortinet NSE 4 Exam Using A Practice Test?

2. Enroll in a Training Program

Fortinet provides training programs for certification exams. An applicant must create an account to enroll in a training course. Training courses for the Fortinet exam are useful but not enough to pass the examination because you need to practice the knowledge acquired from the course.

3. Engage in an Online Community

One cost-effective way of studying from a variety of believable publications is to engage in online communities and forums. In such communities, you can meet like-minded people who are also studying for the same exam.

4. Have A Solid Understanding Of The Fortinet NSE 4 Exam Concepts

Simply remembering the concepts will do more harm than good to your preparation as well as your career. To pass the Fortinet NSE 4, you need to have a solid understanding of the ideas and concepts and practice them in whatever context you’re presented within the exam and in your work life.

5. Attempt Fortinet NSE 4 Practice Test

Applicants must attempt Fortinet NSE 4 practice tests before sitting for the actual exam because they will help you how much you have grasped from your preparation. But keep in mind that you attempt practice tests from reliable websites such as

Practice tests on the website will provide you with an exam-like environment so that you can overcome the exam stress and ace the exam in a much better way and give your best.

6. Be Calm and Composed

It is a natural inclination to get anxious and nervous while undergoing Fortinet certification exams, as the Fortinet certification exams are challenging. Practice meditation or the art of positive thinking to keep quiet. A clear mind will help you learn completely, and throughout the examination, it will help you think intelligibly. A peaceful mind can think apparently and help you resolve the most difficult of questions with ease.


You will certainly succeed in your Fortinet exam if you follow the tips mentioned above, prepare for the exam according to the given structure, take NSE 4 practice exam and get ready to ace the exam.



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