Must-Have Skills to Become a Salesforce Advanced Administrator

As per a recent IDC study, the outlook for new jobs demanding Salesforce skills shows a massive surge from last year. The numbers prove that the demand is set to create 3.3 million jobs in the Salesforce ecosystem by 2022. Additionally, among Indeed’s top 10 best jobs include Salesforce-specific, Salesforce Administrator ranking 4th, and Salesforce Developer ranking at 6th place.

Though Salesforce admins are not developers, they found easy-to-use dashboards, intelligent workflows, and applications for any project. They hold the Salesforce users happy and business processes smart. Hence they are high in demand. Companies, especially in the US, know the potential and value Salesforce admins bring and are making massive human capital investments.

The Advanced Administrator track requires a complete and detailed understanding of the platform. As the platform is ever-changing and improving, maintain a close eye on new features.

In the end, however, nothing compares with having real-world experience, and while exam prep guides and sites are handy, you cannot replace hands-on experience.

The possibility is there will be areas in which you require to brush up your knowledge. Spin up a development environment to give yourself a playground to test the new things that you learn. Spend some time in Trailhead, the Salesforce inline training environment, where you can follow administrator-specific trails.

Tips for Passing Salesforce Advanced Administrator Certification

  • The question format is very comparable to the other exams, whereby you will have two answers that are just plain wrong and then two, which are feasible.
  • Reading each question carefully could not be more critical in the ADM-211 certification, there are intentionally answers that are very similar so that if you rush over a question and jump to outcomes, you can get it wrong.
  • Use the “Mark Question” feature to mark any question you are not sure of, tend to mark what feels like quite a lot of questions.
  • Use as much time as you can to go over the questions.
  • If you read the Advanced Admin exam questions carefully complete, you will find some questions that give you clues to others.

The Skills to Become a Salesforce Advanced Administrator

Many people are looking to begin a career transition, and there is a business that they do not have the experience or background to become a successful Salesforce Advanced Administrator.

It is important to remember that Salesforce is a tool, and any device can be learned. It is similar to learning Facebook, or Outlook or how to pay a bill online. To determine Salesforce does not require any particular background. Anyone can learn it.

A Salesforce Advanced Administrator is a business process expert. Advanced Administrators work closely with business stakeholders to learn and understand issues happening in existing processes or to gather requirements for new methods. The skill of being a Salesforce Advanced Administrator comes in knowing how to take those process requirements and implement them successfully in Salesforce.

There are multiple characteristics that successful Salesforce Advanced Administrators should maintain. You should note that these characteristics are my mind and not a necessity. But the good Salesforce Advanced Administrators that I have met possess these characteristics.

Ability to listen and learn with users. This is a customer-facing position. Users are your customers. They deserve excellent customer service. If you can listen and learn about their problems, issues, and needs, you will do great.

How to Prepare for Salesforce Advanced Administrator (ADM-211) Certification Exam?

Excellent communicator. Communication is important. Not only are the most beneficial administrators great at listening, but they are excellent at writing. This role leads to work with individuals at all levels, from the CEO to the end-user. Knowing whereby to communicate effectively with each at each level will bode well.

Capacity to think outside the box. There is not a set method to do anything in Salesforce. That is part of the beauty of the tool. That also means that for anyone process or set of requirements, there are multiple solutions. You will need to think outside the box to ensure that all possibilities are captured and that the requirements of the business are being met. This requires original and critical thinking.


The need for experts in every field is growing at a fast speed, and so it is in the salesforce domain. Companies want to hire professionals who can demonstrate to be an asset for their organization, and with this certification, an individual can undoubtedly provide a lot of support. Businesses appreciate the fact that with cloud certified specialists, they can smoothen up their functions and work.

Apart from these, this ADM-211 certification will aid you a lot in the recruitment process and will get you higher pay, as discussed in the above points.

The Salesforce certification is a certification that speaks for itself. You do not need to talk about your skills and expertise. The examination itself includes questions related to competencies, and if you have passed it, its self-explainable how much knowledge you own in this field.



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