Must-Follow Tips On How To Pass CISM Certification Exam in First Attempt

The Certified Information Security Manager — CISM certification awarded by ISACA is distinctively created for cyber security management. This certification confirms that global cyber security and information assurance managers are qualified to offer their organizations excellent security and assurance practices across all organizations cooperating with any data systems. The CISM certification is ANSI-backed and has an international position as a manager in information assurance management. ISACA purposely restricts the Certified Information Security Manager, and the exam is only offered in precise locations a few times per year. This particularity helps to ensure the certification’s exclusiveness.

CISM Certification Exam Information

The CISM exam includes 150 multiple-choice questions that need to be answered in 240 mins. Candidates need to obtain a score of 450/800 to pass the exam. There is no negative marking, so make sure you attempt all the CISM exam questions. CISM certification cost is 575 for ISACA members and $760 for non-members. The CISM syllabus includes the following domains:

  • Domain 1: Information Security Governance
  • Domain 2: Information Risk Management
  • Domain 3: Information Security Program Development and Management
  • Domain 4: Information Security Incident Management
The Details You Would Like To Know About CISM Certification

CISM Certification Benefits

ISACA’s Certified Information Security Manager certification fetches dependability to your team and assures alignment between its information security program and its comprehensive goals and objectives. Certified Information Security Manager can confirm your team’s dedication to compliance, security, and integrity and enhance client retention!

  • CISM confirms a solid knowledge of the relationship between information security programs and wider business objectives and targets.
  • Achieving a Certified Information Security Manager certification is considered an excellent way to lead the way from a security technologist to a security manager.
  • ISACA Certified Information Security Managers are constantly acknowledged among the most competent professionals in the information security and risk management areas.
  • CISM-certified employees equip enterprises with an information security management certification acknowledged by organizations and consumers across the globe.
  • The reliability Certified Information Security Manager delivers is strengthened by its real-world experience necessity.

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How to Prepare for CISM Certification Exam?

There are lots of ways you can take to prepare for the Certified Information Security Manager certification exam. So, let’s explore ways to make your preparations effective and pass the exam with a flying score.

1. Make a Study Plan

Before you start preparation, it’s recommended to make a study plan. Having a study plan will help you to split your preparations that lead up to the Certified Information Security Manager exam day.

You should fix a deadline for taking the exam. Though every candidate learns in a different manner, three months are enough to prepare for this ISACA certification exam. A shorter time span will be stressful as you will be juggling with other life and work responsibilities.

2. Find Your Appropriate Learning Style

Some applicants learn best via self-study, some like audio lectures, and others feel enrolling in the one-to-one training course. Everyone has a different learning and study method, so you need to identify your learning style. This may signify obtaining CISM study guides, registering for an online training course, or having a CISM practice test to work through.

3. Study in a Calm Place

Like everyone has a different learning type, applicants often have different outlooks on what comprises an effective study atmosphere. Do you like complete quietness? Or like some music in the background? Or do you like to be in a place with very few distractions? These are all questions to ask yourself as you plan out where you will do the majority of your preparations.

4. Take CISM Practice Test

There are different online resources providing CISM practice questions and full-length practice tests. Make your due effort to assure the reliability of the platform from which you are taking the CISM practice test; one such is

CISM practice tests are the best way to measure your preparation level. These practices test you with questions that mimic the same structure as an actual Certified Information Security Manager exam. Use these CISM practice tests to become more casual with the timing and pressure.

5. Take Care of Your Health

Preparing for any exam can be nerve-wracking, not alone CISM exam. In such circumstances, it is apparent to feel physical tiredness. You should do at least two things that you love to do every day to feel fresh and energetic. Keep in mind that both your body and mind are very important when it comes to studying for the CISM exam.

By following these study tips, you can efficiently prepare for and pass the CISM exam — and enjoy amazing career opportunities.



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