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Microsoft Azure Fundamentals AZ-900 exam is a prospect to demonstrate an understanding of cloud concepts, Azure workloads, Azure services, security and privacy in Azure, and Azure pricing and support. Applicant should become familiar with the networking and common technology concepts comprising storage, computing, application development, and application support.

Applicants for the AZ-900 exam should have a basic knowledge of cloud services and how Microsoft Azure backs those services. The exam is designed for applicants who are just starting to work with cloud-based solutions and services or are new to Azure.

Microsoft Azure Fundamentals AZ-900 Exam Details

The AZ-900 exam syllabus includes various topics. It is vital to understand that this is an entry-level exam and does not need practical experience. To pass the exam, you must prove your skills and practical knowledge, and getting practical experience is vital for Azure certification.

AZ-900 demands a solid knowledge of Azure, its capabilities, and the platform’s communication. It is also essential to know that the Microsoft Certification measures your everyday administrator skills.

AZ-900 exam requires more study, but it is imperative to have a solid knowledge of the Azure cloud to crack the exam.

There are four types of AZ-900 exam questions, and each type of question is moderately different.

What To Expect From Microsoft Azure Fundamentals AZ-900 Exam

AZ-900 Exam Pattern

You must comprehend that the AZ-900 exam comprises 40 to 60 questions, and you will require 60 mins to finish it. AZ-900 exam cost is $99. The Microsoft Azure Fundamentals exam is meant for individuals who want a fundamental understanding of Microsoft cloud certification services. Whether you’re a college pass-out or a seasoned professional, the AZ-900 exam will equip you with an opportunity to launch your cloud-based career.

Among the other aspects you need to know about the Microsoft Azure Fundamentals exam are the prerequisites and the certification itself.

Tips to Prepare for the Microsoft Azure Fundamentals AZ-900 Exam

Microsoft Azure exams are deemed the most difficult in Microsoft’s certification track, and they are intended for different levels of expertise. To prepare deliberately for your Microsoft Azure Fundamentals exam, follow the tips given below:

1. Study In small Chunks

It is always good to start small instead of completing the entire syllabus in one stretch. Start with the AZ-900 Azure Fundamental exam to understand the basic knowledge about cloud computing and the various services.

Microsoft content is updated regularly, so stay updated with the latest exam updates and retake an old Microsoft Azure exam if required. You will also find that it’s simpler to prepare for Microsoft Azure Fundamentals exams when you begin small by studying one topic at a time before proceeding to the next. This helps to reinforce your knowledge of Microsoft Azure fundamentals, practically boosting your odds of passing the Microsoft Azure Exam.

After you understand the Azure Certifications, knowing how an exam goes is crucial. It will help analyze what type of questions are on the examination and make sure that passing is a breeze. There are different ways to get information from conventional sources online to carry out your exam preparation smoothly.

2. Leverage Practical Training Experience on Microsoft Learn

Microsoft Learn is Microsoft’s online learning solution for anyone involved in becoming a Microsoft Certified Professional. The site provides free professional-level training on Microsoft products.

Microsoft Learn delivers learning paths that help you to acquire practical skills via interactive training. It is highly advised and crucial to understanding the technology.

3. Get Familiar with the AZ-900 Exam Question Type

Microsoft Azure Fundamentals AZ-900 exam questions come in different types. Microsoft Azure exams are computer-based and utilize a variety of question formats, comprising multiple-choice, drag-and-drop, simulation readiness assessment ‌(SRAT), true or false, free-response questions (FRQs) with written responses and numeric answers, etc.

Understanding the exam structure before taking up the AZ-900 exam can benefit you in many ways.

4. Take Advantage of Microsoft Docs and Books

Microsoft provides different preparation tools. Microsoft Docs, Microsoft Learning Library, and Microsoft practice exams include many questions you will encounter in your exam. Analyze the skills measured and work on them to perform well in the exam. You can also explore various books concerning to AZ-900 exam written by experts in the field. You can prepare with the information from the books according to your choice of exam.

5. Take AZ-900 Practice Test

There are many Microsoft Azure-specific practice tests that you can take. Take the time to complete one or more and then see how well your score aligns with Microsoft’s scaled scoring scheme. Attempting the AZ-900 practice test will help make sure that any unexpected technology concepts do not catch you off guard.

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The key to success in any Microsoft exam is thorough preparation. It would be best if you learned about all aspects in-depth so that you can pass without feeling completely overwhelmed while taking the exam.


The ideal way to prepare for an exam is to review the study resources in-depth and take the AZ-900 practice test. Ensure you comprehend how much time you require to complete thorough preparation. But don’t exhaust yourself before it’s time for your exam date. Finally, be aware of which areas might need technical knowledge. It is important that before you take your Microsoft Azure Fundamentals exam, you have comprehensively prepared yourself with these tips so that you can



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