How Hard is the SSCP Exam?

System Security Certified Practioner (SSCP) is a vendor-neutral, entry-level IT certification for people who wish to promote their career in the security domain. SSCP exam proves your proficiency and skills to execute and manage the IT infrastructure utilizing the best security policies and techniques.

Is the SSCP Certification Worth It?

There are numerous certification alternatives out there for people working in the IT field who don’t have sufficient experience to qualify for one of the advanced certifications. The SSCP certification is one of the most worthwhile options for those beginning careers in information technology or security. With the SSCP certification, you will acquire:

  • Great Career Prospects– The SSCP certification not only has the capability to help you certify for more suitable jobs, but it can also be a determining factor in promotions, higher paychecks, more inspiring and thought-provoking work, and leadership positions.
  • Knowledge and Improvement — The SSCP certification assures that you have the knowledge to execute, monitor, and manage IT infrastructures, as well as bigger you acquire new skills that can be applied to your day-to-day tasks.
  • Respect — The SSCP certification confirms your experience and knowledge. It will get you more respect from those in the industry. It often carries off more impact and significance within the organization where you work.

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Who Should Obtain SSCP Certification?

IT professionals who are performing on the below job profiles and have experience of 1–2 years can opt for the ISC2 SSCP exam to prove their skills on a global scale.

Freshers who wish to commence their career in the security domain also opt for this ISC2 exam.

  • System Engineer
  • System/Network Analyst
  • Security Consultants/Specialist
  • System Administrator
  • Security Analyst
  • Security Administrator
  • Network Security Engineer
  • Database Administrator
SSCP Certification: Your Stepping Stone to an It Security Career

Information About ISC2 SSCP Exam

The Systems Security Certified Practitioner — SSCP exam comprises 125 Multiple choice questions that need to be completed in 3 hours. The SSCP exam cost is $249 USD. Also, the exam is available in English and Japanese languages.

Experience: Candidates must have at least one year of cumulative work experience in one or more of the seven domains of the SSCP CBK. A one-year requirement pathway will be granted for applicants who received a degree (bachelor’s or master’s) in a cybersecurity program.

SSCP Exam Domains

  • Domain 1. Security Operations and Administration.
  • Domain 2. Access Controls.
  • Domain 3. Risk Identification, Monitoring, and Analysis.
  • Domain 4. Incident Response and Recovery.
  • Domain 5. Cryptography.
  • Domain 6. Network and Communications Security.
  • Domain 7. Systems and Application Security.

Step-By-Step Preparation Guide for SSCP Exam

It is generally said that good preparation fetches good scores. So, to enable you to prepare well for the ISC2 SSCP exam, we cover this preparation guide. This guide is aimed at preparing you to crack the certification exam on the first attempt. Let’s explore the preparation journey for the SSCP certification exam –

1. Know the SSCP Exam In and Out

Before registering for the SSCP certification exam, it is advised to know the exam thoroughly. For this, you are expected to have an overview of the exam, a blueprint of the exam, and also get all the essential information from the ISC2 official website. Register for the exam only when you know the exam details completely. You can also read the FAQs to understand sufficiently.

2. Enroll in SSCP Training

To master the SSCP domains, it is advised to register for the online training. You can use the ISC2 training finder to view and register for official instructor-led training seminars delivered by ISC2. You can also take up online self-paced training offered by ISC2 to prepare for the exam at your convenience.

3. Obtain Appropriate Books

Books play an important role in any exam preparation, and the selection of books is evenly important. Though you have registered for online training, learning from books is of utmost importance. You can get information about appropriate books from the ISC2 official website.

4. Take SSCP Practice Tests

When you find yourself thoroughly prepared for the exam through online training and reading study guides, it’s time to attempt SSCP practice tests. Preparing through SSCP practice tests will let you evaluate your preparation level. You will find your weak areas and thus can work on them. You can also practice through practice exams that will give you a feeling of the actual exam. Edusum is one of the best websites that offers practice tests for ISC2 certification exams.

Proven Tips to be Followed For ISC2 SSCP Exam Preparation

  • Concentrate on the exam during every second of your preparation time. It is a must to stay focused during the preparation and while acing the SSCP exam.
  • Only remembering the exam concepts is not enough; you should be aiming to acquire more and more knowledge. Try to master the concepts from the basic level.
  • Time management is crucial while preparing for the ISC2 Systems Security Certified Practitioner exam. You should set your time as per the weightage of the exam domains. It is better to split time between the exam objectives during preparation and the SSCP exam questions during the exam.
  • Last but foremost, stay calm and composed during the exam preparation phase. Yes! This point is evenly important as the points mentioned above. Don’t panic; stay cool, and be confident!

At the End

To pass the SSCP exam, you must give your best shot. Hope this article will help you in your exam preparation journey and, thus, will be mean to your success in the exam. Edusum website is dedicated to helping you become an ISC2 Systems Security Certified Practitioner and thus offer practice tests. The practice tests on this site offer result history to track your performance. So, follow this preparation guide and become a successful Systems Security Certified Practitioner.



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