How AZ-900 Practice Test Play a Great Role in AZ-900 Exam Preparation?

Microsoft Azure constantly extends its set of features to deliver excellent quality solutions and help overpower business difficulties. Because of that, many individuals decide to learn more about this cloud computing tool to springboard their careers. But what are those essential benefits that make Azure so much coveted, and how to get expertise in using it? The Microsoft Azure Fundamentals AZ-900 exam is the first stepping stone on the Microsoft Azure cloud certification track. Let’s explore the exam details.

AZ-900 Certification Exam Syllabus and Structure

The outline for the AZ-900 exam mainly revolves around basic concepts of cloud-based administrations concerning Azure. It includes core azure administration storage, computing, and networking. This moreover provides security and protection services, azure help model, and estimation.

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The exam consists of approximately 40–60 questions, a large percentage of them being MCQs. The time given to finish this exam is 60 minutes. To be able to get through this Microsoft exam, you need to score at least 70%, and the percent-wise breakdown of skills assessed by each module is as below:

  • Domain 1: Cloud Concepts (15–20%)
  • Domain 2: Core Azure Services (30–35%)
  • Domain 3: Security, Privacy, Compliance, And Trust (25–30%)
  • Domain 4: Azure Pricing Service Level Agreements, And Lifecycles (20–25%)

Why AZ-900 Certification is Popular?

The main reason for such prevalence is that this Microsoft exam circulates all the basics of Azure. With AZ-900 certification, you confirm your skills in executing cloud-based solutions and services entry-level and receive the renowned Microsoft Certified: Azure Fundamentals certification. This certification demonstrates your proficiency as a professional, giving you a competitive edge in the field. Also, although it is not a requirement for higher-level Azure-related certifications, it eminently sharpens your potential for achieving them.

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Microsoft Azure Fundamentals Exam Preparation

The exam is tough to pass! Even though it’s a fundamental exam, there is a lot to understand, as you will perceive when experiencing the material. If you have experience in the IT field, the AZ-900 study material will not be a problem. Many applicants sit back if they fail, but many go for another attempt before working out how to pass the Microsoft Azure Fundamentals exam. The key is not to quit! Stay directed and focused on the preparation process.

There are many ways to prepare for AZ-900. First of all, you can select an appropriate option from the available learning paths provided by Microsoft that comprise instructor-led courses and online study guides. But above all, the most helpful way is to complement your preparation with the AZ-900 practice test. Here are a few ways how the AZ-900 practice test can help you.

Benefits of Taking AZ-900 Practice Test

AZ-900 Practice Test Includes the Updated Questions

Practice tests are frequently revised to include all the recent AZ-900 exam questions from the exam. These are updated, so very secure to use. They are among the basic resources you should use to keep yourself on the path with the latest technology inclinations. Exam features in them are verified and correctly answered by experts in the field, attaching more trustworthiness. Hence, studying an attempt AZ-900 practice test enables you to familiarize the actual exam questions and learn to answer them competently.

Practice Test Covers the Exam Syllabus Comprehensively

Microsoft Azure Fundamentals exam qualifies you to have specific skills in cloud models and core Azure services. It also familiarizes you with compliance and trust, security specificities, Service Level Agreements, and such. With a practice test, you encounter all these concepts in a question form―just as how it would be like in the real Microsoft AZ-900 exam.

Taking AZ 900 Practice Test Helps You Revise Topics

AZ-900 practice test initiates an excellent way of building and strengthening your memory. Unlike the enduring form of studying wherein you just read through the concepts, these tools propose a practical revision. Taking the AZ-900 practice test several times and receiving a detailed review of your flaws and improving them will improve your functional skills and cover all the questions perfectly.


Microsoft Azure gives a set of various cloud-based services to support organizations in their business challenges. You can use many available resources in preparation, but among the best ones to use the dump. So, take advantage of such an opportunity and get accredited in no time! You should settle your foothold when entering this career by passing the AZ-900 exam and obtaining Microsoft Certified — Azure Fundamentals certification.



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