How AWS Machine Learning Specialty Certification Can Advance Career?

Machine Learning is a broad field. Entering this field beginning from purely academic foundations is daunting but suggested if you are serious about deep specialization in the area.

The AWS Machine Learning Specialty Certification allows you to review your overall opinion of this area from a conceptual as well as from a practical perspective obviously with an emphasis on implementations that utilize AWS services. The exam is not limited to testing your AWS knowledge. The majority of the exam focuses on general concepts of Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, and Deep Learning.

The AWS Machine Learning Specialty Certification is designed for individuals responsible for developing data science or applied machine learning designs on the AWS Cloud. This specialty certification is quite distinct from any other AWS exam. Suppose you already have prior experience with other AWS certifications.

In that case, you probably expect to be gradually tested on AWS services and how they can be architected to develop solutions that can solve complex business problems. However, this is not the case in the Machine Learning Specialty certification. Aside from Amazon SageMaker, most of the questions that you will encounter have nothing to do with AWS services at all.

The MLS-C01 exam covers a wide area of standard machine learning concepts. One should have a high-level knowledge of various stages in machine learning, such as choosing the suitable algorithm for a specific use case, data collection, feature engineering, test-train splitting, tuning, training, and deploying a model for thought. The MLS-C01 exam also expects you to know the common issues that arise from model training and the methods to fix them.

Why Choose AWS Certified Machine Learning Specialist Certification?

There are many types of machine learning credentials out there, so what makes this one stand out from the crowd?

  • You find out about the newest best practices from cloud-based machine learning.
  • This course is designed to give you information and knowledge about practical algorithms.
  • The methods are straightforward to mix with your applications and give support for a range of programming languages.
  • The quality of the AWS cloud is highly elastic, which allows you to handle both small and big data.
  • You only pay for the jobs you wish to obtain, and you cover no other cost
  • You will also get to read about three general liner algorithms from scratch.

Career Outlook As an AWS Certified Machine Learning Specialist

These days, machine learning is one of the most popular career choices for data and IT Professionals. As more and more companies shift their systems to cloud-based systems, the demand for machine learning specialist extensions and AWS Certification are bound to get the benefits. AI will create over 2.3 million jobs by 2022.

And with each passing day, this number holds rising. The number of machine learning engineers working in the industry expanded by 9.8 times compared to 2012.

Additionally, in the next several years, this number is required to grow further. More and more people opt for such jobs as the world advances to a more integrated digital era.

Most of the candidates studying for this exam center on making a higher salary after receiving this credential. That is because AWS certifications lead to high-paying jobs, which most people seek. The average wage earned by an individual possessing an AWS certification is $120,000 per year, and this amount can improve depending on the skill set and the candidate’s specialization.

The average salary of an AWS Machine Learning Specialty is $142,000 per annum. And this amount can grow as the candidate proceeds through his or her career. So, you can be sure to take a handsome salary at home and get the advantages of the hard work you put in to achieve this certification.

Get Ready to Crack AWS Machine Learning Specialty (MLS-C01) Certification Exam

Machine Learning plays a significant role in almost all industries. It provides numerous business interests such as forecasting sales, predicting medical diagnosis, simplifying time-consuming data entry tasks, etc. With the generation of machine learning and AI applications, it is not difficult to see how it will impact job requirements in the market.

The necessity for machine learning talent to build efficient and effective models at scale will remain rising for years to come. And pairing your skills with the AWS Machine Learning Specialty certification would make your resume stand out and boost your earning potential.

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