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AWS Developer Associate Certification is very popular among Amazon aspirants. Amazon certification is the stepping stone in preparing applicants to work as trusted advisors who can entertain customers and lead them through their digital transformation. We all understand that the DVA-C01 AWS Certified Developer Associate exam is a required test for the Amazon certification. The Amazon DVA-C01 exam is a practical test as it can open many doors for you.

Even though there is no replacement for knowledge and experience, and your certification is not very useful if you do not know how to work in the AWS console, there are a lot of tangible and intangible benefits of AWS Cloud certifications, mainly the AWS Certified Developer Associate exam.

The AWS Certified Developer Associate exam is specifically designed to validate the technical knowledge of those in a DevOps role who must demonstrate proficiency in developing, deploying, and debugging cloud-based applications using AWS.

The AWS Certified Developer - Associate exam is for individuals in a development role with one or more years of hands-on experience developing and supporting an AWS-based application. Assume you have already earned the AWS Certified Solutions Architect - Associate certificate. In that case, it is suggested that you study for this certificate, as many of the same topics are covered in each.

AWS DVA-C01 Certification: Preparation Steps

The first step toward taking the DVA-C01 exam is registration. Go to the AWS Training and Certification page and follow the instructions; if your company reimburses your tuition and certifications, my congratulations because the certificate is quite pricey.

Luckily, AWS shows the option of an online format. An online exam is scheduled via the Pearson VUE portal. You must download the System Test to decide if your hardware meets the minimum technical requirements. Before the DVA-C01 exam, an examinee must prove to coordinators that they are alone in a room via a call.

Eventually, the exam starts. Your score must be at least 700 (70%) to pass it successfully. Each section of the exam has a distinct weighting, so some areas have more questions than other regions have.

The AWS Certified Developer - Associate (DVA-C01) exam is a pass or fail exam. The exam is scored against a minimum standard demonstrated by AWS professionals who follow certification industry best practices and guidelines.

Your score report could have a table of classifications of your performance at each section level. This information is intended to provide general feedback about your exam performance. The exam uses a compensatory scoring model, which means that you do not need to achieve a passing score in each section, and you need to pass only the comprehensive exam.

Roles and Responsibilities of AWS Developer Associate

Depending on the company’s current importance in looking to hire, the responsibilities of an AWS Developer Associate will go.

Top 5 Tips for AWS Developer Associate (DVA-C01) certification Exam

Some of the possible duties could include:

  • Overseeing the effective design, development, and validation.
  • Registering infrastructure as code using CloudFormation or similar.
  • Ongoing knowledge management.
  • Development of a cost-oriented plan.
  • Defining and documenting best practices and processes regarding application deployment and infrastructure maintenance.
  • Relocating infrastructure with minimal downtime.
  • Setting up a monitoring stack.
  • Implementing service capacity planning strategies.

Get the Right Skills to Become An AWS Developer Associate

Cloud development is the foundation for the new world of software development, and employment opportunities persist in growing. As an AWS Developer Associate, you can show potential employers an entire suite of skills suited to the AWS cloud.

Learn the fundamentals of cloud development and deployment with AWS and build other apps leveraging microservices, Kubernetes clusters, and serverless application technology.


Getting AWS DVA-C01 certification can be worth it and benefit starting a career in IT. How much you earn will rely on what credentials you get, how much valuable knowledge you learn, and what companies you apply to for a position.

Employers are looking for candidates with experience and credentials, and AWS certifications can assist you in standing out from the crowd. Earning AWS Developer Associate certification also shows your persistence, dedication, and decision to learn new skills and keep up with technology as it changes.



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