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Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) allows IaaS, PaaS, SaaS, and Data as a Service (DaaS) abilities in a single, complete platform. With OCI, Oracle has joined an array of affordably-priced compute, storage, database, networking, and program services provided towards the enterprise, including small and medium-sized ones.

Complementing these services are technologies such as Oracle Autonomous Database, Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse, and Oracle Autonomous Transaction Processing. Taken all together, these give OCI the capacity to manage large, data-intensive workloads with better security. For organizations transitioning from on-premises data centers to the Cloud, OCI is a complete solution.

After providing free guidance with migrations to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI), Oracle is now coming up with even more free offerings to attract organizations to do more with its cloud environment. Starting today, you can take OCI certification for free. In addition, certification tests will also be accessible for some time. This supports organizations that need to migrate to OCI. It does this by offering technical information for the actual migration, but also with support. However, it is not only about the actual migration to OCI. It is also essential that an organization’s people have sufficient knowledge and skills around OCI to work with it.

How Can You Get Oracle OCI Certification for Free?

Happy to announce that Oracle is offering free entrance to online learning content and certifications for a broad array of users for Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, Application Development, and Data Management. This program is till December 31, 2021, and all exam registrations must be submitted.

Oracle Ramps Up Free Online Learning and Certifications for Oracle Cloud Infrastructure and Oracle Autonomous Database. I am happy to announce that Oracle offers free access to online learning content and certifications for many users for Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, Application Development, and Data Management.

Do You Need a Degree to Be an Oracle Cloud Infrastructure?

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) provides an infrastructure that matches enterprise data centers’ performance, control, and governance while delivering scale, elasticity, and cost-savings to public clouds.

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure professionals need at least a bachelor’s degree in information science or computer science for most entry-level positions. Depending on the size and difficulty of their company or directing body, these professionals may require a master’s degree in database administration or information technology.

Differentiate yourself in today’s competitive job market by learning OCI to gain in-demand cloud computing skills and get Oracle certification.

No Need for Second Chances, Clear OCI Exam On the First Attempt Through Practice Exams

IT industry is growing day by day, and Oracle never misses the chance of making the newest things in the field of Information and technology. Now Oracle has come up with an Oracle Cloud Infrastructure certification exam, but it needs great effort, hard work, and good preparation material to pass the exams. brings the opportunity for bright students and professionals to take their hard work and intelligence in the first attempt. With the name of trust and confidence, we can ensure you DBExam will help you and guide you throughout the preparation of Oracle Cloud Infrastructure exams.

The Oracle OCI practice exam contains the OCI practice questions and answers relevant to the Oracle exam. To get good marks, you should read all of those Oracle Cloud Infrastructure test questions and answers. They will encourage you to understand your Oracle certification better. Oracle Cloud Infrastructure exam questions are enough to prepare thoroughly because industry professionals are expertly designed and verified.

Employment Opportunities and Career Growth

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure certified professionals are required in industries, institutions, and organizations. Hiring managers favor these professionals because of their knowledge and skills in developing, running, and maintaining computer software-related systems. You get an opportunity to be employed as a working designer, software engineer, web/mobile app developer, IT consultant, IT Manager, technology architect, and many more IT coveted positions. Once you get hired, there is a high probability of progressing in your career, determined by your career goals.

Closing Note

I hope this article was helpful for anyone interested in the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) certification exam preparation.

Begin your journey towards availing of an Oracle Cloud Infrastructure certification exam from Oracle University for FREE. The certification exams will not be free frequently, though. The end date of the offer is December 31, 2021.



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