Get Instant Recognition & Credibility with CRISC Certification

CRISC certification qualifies IT and management professionals for high-end managerial jobs across four practice domains. The certificate shows that you comprehend the risk and can help organizations achieve business objectives by designing, monitoring, implementing, and managing risk-based, proficient, and effective IS controls.

CRISC Certification Exam Details

To become Certified in Risk and Information Systems Control (CRISC), an applicant must first have at least three years of work experience in IT risk and information systems (IS) control. Additionally, they must have worked in two of the areas included in the CRISC domains involving one between Risk Identification and Risk Assessment. Applicants, then, must receive a passing score on the computer-based CRISC exam:

  • Number of Questions: 150
  • Length of Exam: 4 hours
  • minimum passing score: 450
  • The CRISC exam cost is USD 575 for ISACA members and USD 760 for non-members.
Brief Overview of the CRISC Certification Exam

CRISC Domains

  • Domain 1: Governance (26%)
  • Domain 2: IT Risk Assessment (20%)
  • Domain 3: Risk Response and Reporting (32%)
  • Domain 4: Information Technology and Security (22%)

The CRISC certification is the best fit for anyone responsible for IT risks and controls for an organization. The following professionals also benefit greatly by achieving the CRISC certification:

  • Project managers
  • Risk professionals
  • Control professionals
  • IT professionals
  • Business analysts
  • Compliance professionals

Benefits of CRISC Certification

1. Salary Hike

People who own CRISC certification often have higher-paying jobs. The salary might be less for freshers, but it will ultimately boost once one has acquired some work experience. ISACA Certified in Risk and Information Systems Control professionals will be paid higher than other non-certified candidates.

2. Future Jobs

Achieving ISACA CRISC certification will fix you up for getting promoted to various roles in the future. Those who are certified can have a thriving career and become Chief Information Security Officers, security managers, etc. The CRISC certification provides immense help as concerns of having a promising career.

3. CRISC Certification Makes Resume Attractive

Any certification or formal education can enhance your resume and make it look attractive. Thus, bypassing the definite certification exam, one can get an additional experience in the resume, which will further help in more profitable career opportunities.

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4. Knowledge of Managing Risks

Becoming CRISC professional demands a lot of learning and knowledge of the topics concerning risk management. Once you opt for the course, the individuals will get deep knowledge about the subject and the essential skill, resources, tools, and much more for other IT jobs.

How to Prepare for the ISACA CRISC Certification Exam?

It is known that the CRISC exam is tough, but it is possible to pass it on the first try itself, provided you have a practical study plan. Here are a few tips to pass the CRISC exam with a flying score!

1. Read Over the ISACA’s Exam Candidate Guide.

This is the first material that you must read. ISACA’s Exam Candidate Guide incorporates complete information and procedures for the exam. It includes essential things such as exam registration dates, deadlines, candidate details for administration, exam syllabus, and the exam structure.

2. Obtain Relevant Study Resources

Your first preference to obtain study resources has to be the ISACA’s official website. Here, you will break through the CRISC Review Manual, a must-have. It comprises information on the four job practice domains on which applicants are assessed. If you go over the Review Manual thoroughly, you will find that the answers to almost all the CRISC exam questions are concealed.

3. Be a Part of the CRISC Community

Becoming a part of the CRISC community can be greatly beneficial for you. It will enable you to be in touch with fellow applicants and share study resources and tips for exam preparation. Besides, you can also become a part of other online communities.

4. Create Your Study Plan

Since the CRISC exam includes four domains, you must create a practical study plan keeping in mind all your responsibilities. Not only will you have to study for each topic (at least once), but you also have to perform CRISC practice exams.

So, you must ensure that you design your study plan cautiously. For example, you must take into account how much time you can commit to CRISC exam preparation, how competent you are with the syllabus topics, what areas require further learning, whether self-study will be enough or is there necessary to enroll in the training course, and so on.

5. Get Extra Push with Training Course

While self-study is a great option to learn at your own convenience, there might be a moment when you get locked up with definite exam topics and vocabulary. This is a point where certification training course becomes helpful. Since expert professionals conduct these courses, you can be sure that all your uncertainties and questions will be solved. Training courses strengthen your knowledge base and help you grow along with other applicants through shared experiences and learning.

After earning the ISACA CRISC Certification, you will be qualified for job positions such as Risk and Security Manager, IS Manager, IS/Business Analyst, Operation Manager, Information Control Manager, and Chief Information Security or Compliance Officers, to index a few. This certification stamps augmented knowledge and experience in administering enterprise risk management and information systems control. Typically, ISACA Certified in Risk and Information Systems Control professionals move up the corporate ladder fast and receive much higher salaries than their colleagues.

So, are you ready to earn ISACA CRISC Certification?



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