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The ISC2 HCISPP certification expands your knowledge, experience, and expertise in best health information security and privacy practices. The HCISPP certification is the best way for information security professionals in healthcare to prove knowledge, promote their careers, and become a member of a growing community of health IT professionals. It confirms you have all it takes to manage, implement, and evaluate healthcare and patient information security and privacy controls.

About the HCISPP Exam

The exam comprises 125 multiple choice questions that must be completed within three hours.

The HCISPP exam is split into seven domains:

  • Domain 1. Healthcare Industry
  • Domain 2. Information Governance in Healthcare
  • Domain 3. Information Technologies in Healthcare
  • Domain 4. Regulatory and Standards Environment
  • Domain 5. Privacy and Security in Healthcare
  • Domain 6. Risk Management and Risk Assessment
  • Domain 7. Third-Party Risk Management

These domains cover the extent of industry knowledge successful security and privacy professionals will require to know to be productive working for healthcare business associates or covered entities.


HCISPP applicants should have at least two years of accumulative paid full-time work experience in one domain of the certification, with the exception that one year of the cumulative experience must be in any combination of the first three domains in Healthcare (Healthcare Industry, Regulatory Environment in Healthcare, and Privacy & Security in Healthcare).

The leftover one year of experience can be voluntarily in any of the three HCISPP domains (Information Risk Assessment, Information Governance and Risk Management, and Third-Party Risk Management) and does not have to be associated with the Healthcare Industry.

Benefits of HCISPP Certification

The HCISPP draws multiple benefits to healthcare security and privacy practitioners and the organizations that engage them. For professionals, HCISPP allows them to:

  • Prove their experience, skills, and expertise as healthcare security and privacy practitioner.
  • Demonstrate the qualifications to execute, manage, and evaluate healthcare organizations’ appropriate security and privacy controls.
  • Boost their career with a certification that establishes basic knowledge and expertise in best health information security and privacy practices.
  • Upgrade their credibility as healthcare information security and privacy practitioner with a certification offered by (SC2, the internationally acknowledged Gold Standard in information security certification.
  • Confirm your dedication to continued competence in the most contemporary security and privacy practices via (ISC)2 continuing professional education (CPE) requirement.
Achieve HCISPP Certification to Compete In Health IT

For organizations, HCISPP offers to:

  • Provide reinforced defense with qualified, experienced, and credentialed healthcare information security and privacy practitioners.
  • Confirm the organization’s proactive dedication to reducing the risk of violations.
  • Improve confidence that job applicants and employees can do the job right.
  • Lessen risk by exchanging Protected Health Information (PHI) with 3rd parties that engage HCISPPs.
  • Enhance the credibility of the organization when working with customers and vendors.
  • Assure privacy and security personnel are existing and competent through HCISPP’s CPE credits requirement.
  • Deliver an added level of ethical adherence for their healthcare security and privacy practitioners.

How to study for the ISC2 HCISPP Certification Exam

If you’re interested in taking the HCISPP Certification exam and achieving certification, you may find it helpful to learn the best techniques for preparing for it. You can use the following steps for HCISPP exam preparations:

1. Take into Account the Budget

As you prepare to study for the ISC2 HCISPP exam, spend time evaluating your budget. Additional exam prep training courses and study guides often come with varying prices, along with the exam cost. Specifying a budget for yourself can help you steer these options and determine which ones work best for you.

2. Evaluate Your Knowledge and Skills

A self-assessment can help you assess your skills before studying for the ISC2 HCISPP exam. With this step, you can understand your weak and strong areas and create a more realistic study schedule. You can carry out a simple self-assessment by reviewing the HCISPP exam content outline from the ISC2 website.

Once you complete this self-assessment and figure out your proficiencies, you can start looking for study resources, HCISPP practice tests, and prep programs to help you understand exam concepts. For further guidance, you may consider performing a self-assessment of your preferred learning style to help you identify the most powerful studying techniques to use.

3. Determine your Learning Techniques

There are many learning techniques and strategies to prepare for your ISC2 Certified HealthCare Information Security and Privacy Practitioner exam. A self-assessment of your favored learning technique can help you decide which method works best for you. You can explore standard learning methods in your preparation procedure, like joining an online community, HCISPP practice test, and training course. You can assess your options while analyzing them to decide whether they align with your budget and other requirements. You can also review different learning techniques, such as writing notes and making flashcards.

4. Create a study plan

Once you determine to take the ISC2 HCISPP exam, you may find it helpful to create a study schedule to keep yourself centered and prepared. This schedule can differ according to the date you plan to take the exam, your learning techniques, and your personal or professional commitments. For instance, some individuals may take a few weeks or months to study, while others may spend a year or more preparing for the ISC2 HCISPP exam. It doesn’t matter how much time you have; try to study every day for at least one hour to stay focused.

5. Take HCISPP Practice Test

Practice tests can help you feel more relaxed and prepared for the HCISPP exam. These exams can help you evaluate your skills in the various functional areas of the exam, helping you select where to focus your studying efforts.

Numerous websites offer HCISPP practice tests, and one such website is Edusum.com. You can track your preparation level by retaking these exams on a set schedule to find areas where you see improvement and need further learning.


The healthcare IT field is not set to slow down in nearer future, and HCISPP certification is an excellent option for those just starting their careers or looking to transition to the healthcare field.

Keep a positive attitude during all the stages of your preparation. Stay calm and focused throughout the exam. Remember that success in any endeavor requires hard work, commitment, and perseverance — just like in any other area of your life!!



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