Cisco 700–150 ICS Exam: Brief Description, Tips, and the Importance of Practice Test

Certifications are the keys to opening doors to amazing career opportunities for all IT professionals. In the present volatile job market, certifications play an important role in establishing businesses, and individuals stand out from others by adding value through knowledge and skills. Distribution partners constantly expect new certifications, particularly the Cisco Select certification, but partners often need help understanding what resources and support are available to help them. This article will shed light on the Introduction to Cisco Sales 700–150 ICS certification.

Essential Details of Cisco 700–150 ICS Exam

The Introduction to Sales ICS 700–150 is a 90 minutes exam, and it comprises 55 to 65 Multiple Choice Questions. The applicant should be able to perceive How to sell utilizing Approach, Selling Enterprise and Digital Networks, Selling Cisco Cloud Architecture and DC, Selling Security Solutions, Selling Collaboration Solutions, and Cisco Certification.

Cisco 700–150 ICS Exam Objectives

  • Cisco Certification (10%)
  • Selling Collaboration Solutions (16%)
  • Selling Security Solutions (18%)
  • Selling Cisco’s Enterprise and Digital Network (22%)
  • Selling Cisco’s DC and Cloud Architecture (18%)
  • Cisco’s Approach to Selling (16%)

How to Prepare for Introduction to Cisco Sales 700–150 ICS Exam?

Here are the best tips for passing Cisco 700–150 ICS certification exam

1. Understand Cisco 700–150 ICS Exam In and Out

First, you should become familiar with the exam structure and objectives by visiting the official webpage for this exam. Understanding the basic information about the exam will help you properly study for the exam.

2. Take Up Recommended Training Course

Taking up a recommended training course will help you learn the exam objectives in detail. Interaction with a seasoned tutor will help you learn tips to tackle Cisco 700–150 exam questions.

3. Cisco 700–150 ICS Practice Test

Studying from books or training courses won’t help you pass Cisco 300–101 exam. You need to incorporate some practice to be successful. Practice tests, in this case, are the ideal tool. Look for them online and utilize them to practice.

4. Involve Actively in Online Community

There are lots of online forums available meant to connect you with others who are studying for the same Introduction to Cisco Sales 700–150 ICS exam or those who have already cracked it successfully. Through the talks, you perceive topics better and devise strategies for answering Cisco ICS exam questions.

5. Learn from Video

There are several videos available online that you can avail to add to your exam preparation. YouTube is the best platform to get such videos. Many experienced professionals and institutions upload videos relevant to this Cisco exam. They entail exam information, explain topics, provide exam tips, and much more.

Are Cisco 700–150 ICS Practice Tests Beneficial?

Practice tests are valuable in any IT certification exam preparation, including Introduction to Cisco Sales 700–150 ICS. They help you get an overview of what to expect in the actual exam. Practice tests can help you understand the exam structure and the type of questions. They will also help you to determine whether you are completely ready for your exam and pinpoint the weak areas in your knowledge.

By using practice tests, you learn how to tackle other forms of questions and sharpen your time-management skills. Most significantly, practice tests greatly overcome the pre-exam jitters many applicants are exposed to. And this is a great achievement in your way to earning Introduction to Cisco Sales certification. One thing you need to know about practice tests is that they must be purchased only from reliable websites. There are many websites offering online practice tests, but the materials can be obsolete or irrelevant. Always check the source before utilizing training materials of any kind.

Applicants who take practice tests are more relief and convinced when they eventually take the exam. This makes it straightforward to answer questions without worrying and helps exam-takers appear calm toward the examiners during the exam itself.


Passing the Introduction to Cisco Sales 700–150 ICS exams can fetch many good things for your professional life. You need to show your organization that your expertise is worth something which can only be done if you desire to learn. You should take this Cisco exam quite seriously because it can change your future in more than one way.



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