Check Point CCSA Certification: Tips to Pass This Exam

The Check Point CCSA certification is a mid-level certification for individuals intending to promote a career in cybersecurity. CCSA applicants install security gateways in distributed environments, configure server rules, assign permissions, schedule backups and upgrades with minimal downtime, and monitor and troubleshoot IPS and standard network traffic. CCSA candidates must have a fundamental knowledge of networking, Windows Server or UNIX skills, internet, and TCP/IP experience and fulfill prerequisites. Applicants are required to pass the 156–215.81 CCSA R81 exam.

Check Point CCSA Certification Exam Details

The CCSA exam comprises 90 multiple-choice questions to be answered in 90 minutes. Before challenging the exam, students should have at least six months to 1-year experience with Check Point products.

How to Pass the Check Point CCSA Certification Exam

So, if you want to boost your career as a Security Administrator, below find the tips on how to pass the CCSA certification exam.

But, there are a few things that have been carefully worked out. Let’s take a quick look at them:

1. Obtain Relevant Study Resources

If you intend to take the Check Point CCSA certification exam, it is crucial that you get reliable study resources to study. Amidst a large number of study resources available online, pick the ones that Check Point official website offers first. Explore the course, videos, and online communities. Moreover, you can explore YouTube for free videos for the exam.

2. Register in a Course

This is perfect for hands-on skills as the instructor properly clarifies every exam objective. You will also understand how to streamline the exam preparation.

3. Make Notes

Make sure to write down every important point you come across throughout your studies. The mind has its way of pertaining memories of a thing to the conditions encircling them. This way, it is simpler to grasp the CCSA certification exam concepts. By going through the notes you have made, you can remember the concepts you’ve studied and revise them.

4. Take Check Point CCSA Practice Exam

The significance of a practice exam can never be magnified. It is important to have a vibe of the exam environment and structure before taking the actual Check Point CCSA certification exam. For that purpose, take Check Point CCSA practice exam once you have learned all the exam topics. Browse the Internet to avail reliable third-party websites to get reliable and updated Check Point CCSA practice exam. They will help you detect the knowledge gaps and mimic an exam-like environment.

4. Be Calm and Composed, and Manage your Time Smartly

In any case, how tough the Check Point CCSA certification exam is, you need to be calm and composed. Take small breaks while studying, recompense yourself, chart out a study plan, learn, and also fulfill your social responsibilities. Manage your time smartly, and be organized, enthusiastic, and energetic. Following this tip, you will be able to answer all the exam questions in the given time.

5. Join Online Community

CheckMates community is one of the best platforms for candidates who want to excel in their certification exams. Community is important because you can connect with your peers and other professionals who have passed the Check Point CCSA certification exam.

The Secrets of Preparation to Check Point CCSA Certification

How Are Check Point CCSA Practice Exams Beneficial?

One of the best means for preparing for the Check Point CCSA certification exam is a practice exam. They help you deal with exam questions that are asked in the exam and assess your knowledge of various concepts of the exam. You can easily find practice exams on the internet. Regardless of how helpful these practice exams are, it is not recommended to depend on them alone. You can take into account them with study guides and training courses so that your revision is thorough and covers all exam aspects.

Benefits of Check Point CCSA Certification

  • Check Point CCSA certification reinforces one’s credibility within organizations and greatly enhances career opportunities for those who get through the exam.
  • Check Point Certified Security Administrators rank more elevated than other security vendor professionals. They will receive an attractive salary every month after passing the Check Point CCSA certification exam.
  • The average CCSA certification salary in the US is $101,000.
  • As stated by several reports, networking professionals holding Checkpoint networking administration skills can expect to make 9% higher above-average industry salaries.
  • Once you attain a CCSA certification, you open doors to multiple job opportunities globally.


Check Point CCSA certification exam will set the pace for your career, and you need to give it the profound preparation it deserves. There is nothing that you can achieve completely without training and preparing for it, and the same goes for this Check Point certification exam. Give your best shot and expect the best.

All the Best!



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