A Brief Microsoft DA-100 Certification Exam Guide

Data science is speedily becoming renowned among current professionals, and any job associated with this field is quite advantageous in the IT industry. Many educational institutes, online education platforms, and significant organizations offer various certification programs correlated to data science and data analysis. One of the most famous choices for trainees and professionals is the Microsoft DA-100 certification exam. This post will include all the essential details about the DA 100 exam, like, what it is, preparation tips, and benefits.

What is Microsoft Power BI DA 100 Certification Exam?

Microsoft certifications have been beneficial for many professionals in contemporary times. Microsoft delivers multiple role-based certifications such as data scientist, data analyst, data engineer, developer, and many others. The Analyzing Data with Microsoft Power BI DA 100 exam.

is all about evaluating your understanding of creating and developing scalable data models, cleaning and transforming data, aiding advanced analytic capabilities that deliver meaningful business value via easily comprehensible data visualizations.

Intended Audience

  • Individuals want to have a solid knowledge of Power BI.
  • A business analyst who wants to increase their understanding greatly.
  • A data analyst who is willing to assess their Power BI knowledge.


Though there are no official requirements to be eligible for Microsoft DA-100 exam, knowing the following will be beneficial for any exam takers:

  • You must have a profound understanding of Microsoft Azure cloud concepts.
  • You should have prior knowledge of fundamental Business Intelligence concepts like reporting, dashboarding, and authoring measures & KPIs utilizing Power BI by Microsoft.
  • You should also have a piece of knowledge about data cleaning and data preparation.

Microsoft DA-100 Exam Structure

A Microsoft-certified professional holds many special work opportunities that others might not obtain. Studying for any Microsoft exam can be both boring and hectic. Becoming familiar with the DA-100 exam structure and syllabus topics can reduce stress. So, let us explore.

  • Exam duration: 180 minutes (30 minutes for feedback)
  • Number of questions: 40 to 60 combining all the modules
  • Passing score: 70%
  • Exam fee: $165
  • Validity: Two years

The DA 100 examination is divided into five major modules, which are listed below:

  1. Prepare the data (20–25%)
  2. Model the data (25–30%)
  3. Visualize the data (20–25%)
  4. Analyze the data (10–15%)
  5. Deploy and maintain deliverables (10–15%)

Tips to Crack Microsoft DA-100 Exam

Study Resources

If you are looking for trusted references and study resources for DA-100 exam preparation, the best is Microsoft official resources. You can find many study guides, training courses, and practice tests for DA-100 exam preparation. Microsoft official resources can benefit both freshers and seasoned professionals.

Study Thoroughly

The preparation duration relies on the person’s ability to use Microsoft Power BI, and it can be anywhere between three weeks to three months.

Practical Experience is Vital

Going through the learning mentioned above many times will make your exam journey relatively simpler. Taking notes when going through the Microsoft DA-100 exam preparation is also important. If you have any difficult areas, practice them more and assign more time.

DA-100 Exam Day is Important

On the exam day, keep a government identity proof with you for verification. Furthermore, log in 30 minutes before the allocated time. Once the exam is in progress, answer the DA-100 exam questions with a calm mind and not panic. Go through the questions accurately, particularly the case studies. You will receive your score once the examination is finished.

Why Pass the Microsoft DA-100 Exam?

Earning Microsoft Certified — Data Analyst Associate certification by passing the DA-100 exam makes your resume attractive. Passing the Microsoft Power BI exam demands technical knowledge and knowing how best to use the Power BI environment for a specified situation. These skills can change report builders into architects of enterprise-wide data solutions. This certification would intensely benefit anyone looking to start a career or shift to a new profile in data analytics using Power BI. It can also be an excellent way to demonstrate your personal career growth to managers or prove skills to clients. This certification confirms that you can be entrusted to build, deploy, and operate a business intelligence solution for an organization.

Is the Microsoft Power BI DA-100 Exam Worth It?


Passing the Microsoft DA-100 exam can be difficult for many. But with appropriate study resources and dedication, you can pass the exam. Any Microsoft certification adds a shining star to your resume and professional career. Make a proper study schedule and follow it. Make the most out of available resources. This will strengthen your confidence and give you the essential assurance to crack the Analyzing Data with the Microsoft Power BI exam successfully.



Highly experienced in Cloud and Computing with a strong marketing and sales background. Certified VMware professional with 10 years of business experience.

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Amaaira Johns

Highly experienced in Cloud and Computing with a strong marketing and sales background. Certified VMware professional with 10 years of business experience.