2V0–21.20: Helpful Study Guide and Sample Questions to make you a VCP-DCV

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What Is VMware Certification?

VMware certifications e.g., 2V0–21.20, 2V0–51.19, and many more are most beneficial for many IT experts, as it is considered as a leader in the virtualization place. The certificate is especially suitable for individuals working in support of virtual environments and data centers.

VMware certifications are focused on some version of its exclusive technology, mainly on vSphere. So, the certifications keep changing with technology. So any candidate can be updated with modern technologies.

What Does the VMware 2V0–21.20 Certification Validate?

The VCP-DCV, VMware 2V0–21.20 certification validates that a candidate can manage, implement, and troubleshoot a vSphere V6.7 infrastructure, using the best methods. The 2V0–21.20 candidate can provide a powerful, flexible, and secure foundation for business agility that can stimulate the transformation to cloud computing.

Target Audience for the 2V0–21.20 Certification:

The VCP — Data Center Virtualization, 2V0–21.20 certification is intended for IT experts who administer and troubleshoot vSphere V6 infrastructures, leveraging the best methods to provide a scalable and reliable virtualization platform for companies. VCP6-DCV, 2V0–21.20, is VMware’s most sought after certification with more than 100,000 certified professionals.

Topics Covered under the 2V0–21.20 Certification:

  • Architectures and Technologies
  • VMware Products and Solutions
  • Planning and Designing
  • Installing, Configuring, and Setup
  • Performance-tuning, Optimization, Upgrades
  • Troubleshooting and Repairing
  • Administrative and Operational Tasks

Required exams for VCP-DCV:

Earning the VCP — Data Center Virtualization certification requires passing Professional vSphere 6.7 Exam 2019 (2V0–21.20).

Prerequisites for the 2V0–21.20:

VMware has the mentioned prerequisites based on current certification status to earn the VCP-Data Center Virtualization.

You don’t have a VCP certification. VMware needs candidates who hold no other VCP certification to attend one of nine VMware vSphere training courses.

You hold a VCP6.5-DCV. VMware provides two options for VCP6.5-DCV certification holders — attend one of nine VMware vSphere training courses or pass one of two exams:

  • Professional vSphere 6.7 Exam
  • Professional vSphere 6.7 Delta Exam

You hold a VCP3 or VCP4-DCV. VMware requires professionals with these earlier certifications to:

  • Attend one of nine VMware vSphere training courses
  • Pass one Foundation exam:
  • vSphere 6
  • vSphere 6.5
  • vSphere 6.7 Foundations
  • Pass one of two Professional Data Center Virtualization exams:
  • VCP6.5 — DCV
  • Professional vSphere 6.7 Exam

You hold a VCP5 or VCP6-DCV. VMware requires professionals with these earlier certifications to pass one of four Professional Data Center Virtualization exams:

  • Professional vSphere 6.7 Exam
  • Professional vSphere 6.7 Delta Exam
  • VCP6.5 — DCV
  • VCP6.5 — DCV Delta

You hold a VCP-DW. VMware requires professionals with this certification to:

  • Pass one Foundation exam:
  • vSphere 6
  • vSphere 6.5
  • vSphere 6.7 Foundations
  • Pass one Professional Data Center Virtualization exam:
  • VCP6.5 — DCV
  • Professional vSphere 6.7 Exam

How to Become a VCP-DCP 2V0–21.20?

We have already talked about VMware’s prerequisites, follow whichever suits you, and pass the 2V0–21.20 exam to become a VCP-DCV.

What Study Guide Should You Follow to Pass the 2V0–21.20 Exam?

  • Knowing the syllabus of the exam is your priority to become a VCP-DCV. To discover the syllabus from a good website and try to cover the whole syllabus. The 2V0–21.20 exam asks 70 questions. A candidate gets 300 marks to pass the exam. The official price for the exam is 250 USD. You get 130 minutes to finish the exam.

VMware recommends four types of training. Avail of any of them. These trainings are-

  • VMware vSphere: Install, Configure, Manage [v7]
  • VMware vSphere: Optimize and Scale [v7]
  • Watch the VMware Vsphere 6.7 related videos to get clarity about the exam.
  • Finally, take a 2V0–21.20 reliable practice test to give you the feel of the real exam questions. VMExam provides premium quality practice tests to make you successful.

Here are some sample questions for the 2V0–21.20 exam-

What should be done to apply a guest OS patch to an existing template?

a) upload patch to VUM

b) revert to snapshot

c) use template wizard

d) convert the template to VM

Answer: d

A vSphere administrator requires to be alerted whenever a host power state changes. How can this be done with alarms?

a) Set condition to Show as Critical.

b) Enable Power Alarm in DCUI.

c) Enable Send Email notifications.

d) Enable DPM on the cluster.

Answer: c

The storage administrator has decided to use NAS in a deployment. Which hardware acceleration API should be used to change the virtual disk file?

a) reserve space

b) full file clone

c) native snapshot support

d) write the same

Answer: a

Final Words:

VMware builds server and desktop virtualization software that channels IT services across the general IT infrastructure, in data centers, throughout the cloud, and on mobile gadgets. VMware’s flagship data center platform is vSphere, which is also part of its VMware vCloud Suite. So becoming a VMware certified professional, 2V0–21.20 VCP-DCV could open new career opportunities for you.



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