2V0–01.19: Ultimate Study Guide for VMware vSphere 6.7 Foundation Exam

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The 2V0–01.19 exam validates the basic level skills necessary to deploy and configure VMware vSphere 6.7 environments.

What Is VMware?

VMware is a technology, that has made IT very simple. With the use of VMware, workloads are deployed faster with increased availability, operations are automated, and many more.

In short, VMware is a practical solution, where multiple operating systems are installed on a single physical workstation or server.

Who Should Take the 2V0–01.19 Exam?

  • VMware certifications are useful for I.T professionals who want to grow their career with VMware solutions. The certifications are mainly intended for system engineers and system administrators.
  • The vSphere 6.7 Foundations Exam (2V0–01.19) works as a prerequisite exam for the VCP-DCV, VCP-CMA, and VCP-DTM certifications.
  • The MQC or minimally qualified candidate must have 6–12 months of experience in installing, configuring, managing, and installing vSphere solutions. The MQC for 2V0–01.19 should possess typical vSphere skills, including configuring and deploying vSphere storage, networking, and compute resources.
  • The 2V0–01.19 MQC must be able to create and administer vSphere virtual machines. Candidates should also be knowledgeable in optimizing, securing, and performing basic troubleshooting for all components of an installation. The experienced candidates will likely have additional industry-recognized certifications and 1–2 years of general IT experience.

What Is the Best Study Guide You Should Follow for the 2V0–01.19 Exam?

Get Clarity about the 2V0–01.19 Syllabus and Exam Pattern:

The exam asks 65 questions. The passing score is 300, which is calculated using a scaled method. The actual exam time for the

The 2V0–01.19 exam is 100 minutes. If the 2V0–01.19 candidate is a non-native English speaker, he gets 105 minutes’ time to write the exam. 5 minutes’ time is for seating.

Register Yourself to Stay Motivated:

The 2V0–01.19 exam is a non-proctored exam, and Pearson Vue administers the exam. Registering yourself means, you already know about your exam date. Knowing the exam date helps you plan your schedule. You can prepare for the exam in two weeks. But take at least two months to prepare well.

Complete Your Syllabus:

Completing the whole syllabus is very important. Try to make short notes from every chapter. The short notes will help you immensely during revision.

Keep Practicing with 2V0–01.19 Tests:

Taking online practice tests for the 2V0–01.19 exam is very helpful. You can know about the syllabus portions, where you are not performing well. Try to score maximum marks in the practice exams and score at least 80% in the practice exams.

Achieving the Highest Valued VMware VCP Certifications

Benefits of the 2V0–01.19 Certifications:

Get Recognized:

You get recognition for your technical VMware vSphere 6.7 foundation knowledge and skills. The foundation level skills will be helpful to get any professional Vmware certifications.

Receive Greater Opportunities for Career:

If you are appearing for an interview and you are already Vmware vSphere 6.7 certified. So, the certification will always give you an advantage over other candidates.

Get the Badge:

Earn the prestigious digital badge with your 2V0–01.19 exam. A candidate gets the digital badge after passing the exam.

Final Words:

The majority of job roles that are associated with VMware certifications are for systems administrators and systems engineers. The 2V0–01.19 systems administrator role focuses on server provisioning, maintenance of systems hardware, software and related infrastructure, and maintaining operations. So, propel your career with VMware vSphere 6.7 technology by passing the exam.



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